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What does “LOL” mean and how to use it correctly


The modern language is distinguished by the presence of a large number of slang words. At the same time, not only young people invent them, but also people of various fashionable professions. For example, programmers and active Internet users have composed their own jargon, which is very difficult for a mere mortal to understand. It is built mainly on various abbreviations and icons, there are many of them, for almost all occasions. For example, what does "lol" mean?

Where did "lol" come from

The English language constantly gives the world more and more new words and concepts. One of them is lol. Few Internet jargon fans know that this is actually an abbreviation of a stable English expression, or rather, the first letters of three of its words. It is translated as “I laugh very loudly", “I am choking with laughter”. In this sense, it is used on English-language sites – in other words, instead of a smiley.

If you send such a message, it means that you understood the joke, the interlocutor amused you. And what does the word "lol" mean in the understanding of Runet users? 

What does "LOL" mean and how to use it correctly

When it is used

Oddly enough, but Russian users usually use this word to express contempt for their interlocutor. Perhaps it’s just a matter of consonance with a common insult. Indeed, on many pages, swearing, insults and swearing are prohibited, and in online games they can even be banned for swear words. But I still want to express emotions! So all sorts of words, abbreviations and icons appear that help to let off steam and accurately convey your attitude to the current situation or a certain person.

How to determine what the interlocutor meant by sending such a smiley? You can understand whether they are mocking you or supporting your humor and jokes by the general content of the correspondence. Usually you can immediately see when the "smilies" cease to mean smiles and are used as a challenge or provocation.

What does "LOL" mean and how to use it correctly

In general, adults still use abbreviation more often as a smile. Mostly kids and teenagers swear at them, naively considering what to write: “You are LOL!” – a terribly insulting insult. It is also called a merry fellow and a joker, or a person who has done something unexpected, no matter good or bad.

It happens that they send “lol” to a person, and he pouts in response. To avoid misunderstandings, use the following emoticons:

  1. "XD" – narrowed eyes and a wide smile.
  2. "XDDD" – which means that you just fall over laughing.
  3. ")))))))))" – just smiles, good-natured and pleasant.

Known abbreviation variants

So, "lol" what it means is already established. And what does “ololo” mean – this combination of letters can also be quite often found on forums, in discussions, games, etc. In principle, the same thing, only in an even more ironic, even defiant and mocking form. 

If you were sent such a message, there is nothing to rejoice at, this is not a compliment and not a smiley face. How to answer it? Ignore and blacklist the offender. And in order to better understand whether they are sending you a friendly smile or an offensive mockery, communicate with friends live, not online.

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