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What is 3G?


3G (Third Generation) in English means third generation mobile communication technology. This includes both wireless mobile Internet access and a radio transmission channel. The decimeter range of third-generation networks is 2 GHz, with the ability to transfer data up to 3.2 megabits per second. This speed is enough to use videotelephony, watch movies on your mobile phone, etc. There are 5 3G network standards. The most common in the world are UMTS in another way W-CDMA, as well as the CDMA standard. The first standard is widely used in European countries and developed for GSM networks. The second CDMA standard is widespread in the countries of the North American continent and Asian countries. According to the data transfer rate, 3G networks can be divided into 3 types. The first one – not less than 144 kbps, is intended for subscribers with mobility up to 120 kilometers per hour. The second one – not less than 384 kbps, is designed for subscribers with an average mobility speed, that is, up to 3 kilometers per hour. The third type is for stationary objects, the data transfer rate is 2048 kbps. 3G networks are environmentally friendly. The peak radiation power of the transmitter is 200 mW. The advantage of 3G communication lies not only in high data transfer rates, but also in improved protection against disconnections when moving. This is achieved through the so-called "soft handover". In Russia, for the first time, 3G communication appeared in the city of St. Petersburg. This happened in 2002, when the Sky Link operator began providing this service. November 1, 2005 CJSC Eniseitelecom launches a network under the Wellcom brand in the city of Krasnoyarsk. On the territory of Ukraine, the first connection of the third generation standard appears in December 2006. This service was provided by Telesystems of Ukraine CJSC under the PEOPLE net brand. Then, in July 2007, MTS-Ukraine joined the provision of this service by launching a network of high-speed wireless Internet.

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