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What is a browser?


Turning to the topic of browsers, first we will find out what this word means and what meaning it has. First of all, it is a program that is used on the Internet for searching and processing, as well as browsing websites, displaying pages on the screen and moving the user from page to page in search of the necessary information. Translated from English, the word browser means "browse, flip". Using the browser, the user browses the content of the website and searches for useful information.

Users currently use different browsers. The most common: Opera, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox. There are also browsers for mobile phones, with a mini link. Each browser is good in its own way and is used by web users as they wish.

The very first browser is a command line browser. They only supported moving a digital address (IP). Currently, these browsers are no longer used.

Later, full-screen browsers began to be programmed. These are text browsers that do not support media. With full-screen browsers, only texts and links can be viewed, which does not make full use of the incoming information.

Multimedia-enabled browsers are now widely used by users. They are the most popular browsers today, they allow you to work with any kind of information that is on the Internet. In addition to these browsers, there are also browser add-ons that are used as add-ons for fully functional browsers. With the help of these browser add-ons, the user can enable or disable many windows, the display of graphics, and the possibilities of using the browser when searching and viewing information are expanded. Internet technologies do not stand still, they are developing very quickly. And therefore, the versions of the released and used browsers are constantly being improved by the developers. New technologies and the creation of new computer programs are pushing programmers to get more opportunities for using a particular browser.

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