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What is a cloud?


Information is an integral and part of the life of every modern person, without the influx of which he simply no longer conceives of his own existence. Anything can serve as a raw material for satisfying informational hunger, from some images of an entertaining nature to new tracts of purely philosophical content and materials on higher mathematics. In addition, information is constantly being transmitted – such a cycle of information is being made through digital spaces. But, not a single person has the opportunity to constantly carry analog equipment, or some kind of data storage devices. It is much easier to store personal information somewhere in the vastness of the virtual space. To make life easier for ordinary users who do not have the opportunity to purchase a huge amount of digital media, and there is a fear of damaging digital technology, some virtual containers for data arrays have been created – clouds, online storages. They are available via the Internet at the entrance to a personal profile, on any resource. The most popular among the citizens of the Russian Federation are Yandex online storage and online cloud storage from Of course, besides them, there are other Internet clouds, but still they remain popular and satisfy their own users to a sufficient extent.

Data storage in the "cloud"

In the case when we are talking from a technical point of view, the cloud is a kind of online storage, which consists of a huge number of servers that are united in one global network. The availability of such storage is possible due to the fact that a person visits a certain Internet resource, or else – in some application. Use of specific spaces at your own discretion requires you to go through a registration process, which is often quite simple and does not take a significant amount of time.

What is a cloud?

After the registration stage has been completed, a person is provided with a certain, strictly limited number of gigabytes, less often – a terabyte, or a megabyte. But, as far as we know, at a particular point in time, none of the cloud storage provides only megabytes, since this is extremely small.

See the video below for what a cloud is and how to use it.

The bill goes to gigabytes and tens of gigabytes. In addition, in many such services it is possible to expand personal storage at the expense of a surcharge, or else – after performing a certain algorithm of actions. Also, quite a few services impose restrictions on the volume and size of uploaded files. That is, the user cannot upload a single file larger than such and such a size, and the user does not have the ability to upload files larger than such and such.

As in the case of expanding cloud storage, in order to download files more than and more than, you need to pay extra or – do something on the instructions of the resource – share a link, bring a user, install a client, confirm email, enter personal information and other similar actions.

What is a cloud?

Advantages and disadvantages of clouds on the Internet

Cloud storage is gaining popularity and prevalence among ordinary users, as they have a significant number of advantages. The most significant of them are the following:

None of the things can have exclusively positive aspects. The cloud, like everything in our world, has its own negative aspects. The main disadvantages include the following:

  • Cloud storage security is not always at an acceptable level for the user. Although, there are those that provide complete confidentiality. But they are quite rare and paid;
  • Cloud storage is exclusively an Internet extension, and without the Internet, there is no way to get the information stored there;
  • In order to work normally with a cloud-type Internet storage system, a constant, stable and high-speed Internet connection is required. Otherwise, all the advantages of the Cloud fade and it becomes difficult to use them;
  • In terms of speed, any Cloud loses not only to a solid-state information drive, but even to a standard hard drive;
  • For each additional action, in addition to the standard free package of services, some specific additional payment is required. For the most part, the service for money is not provided forever, but for a clearly regulated period of time, after which it is required to deposit the next amount – in the event that some function, or an additional amount of storage, is also necessary for a person.

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