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What is a domain and what are the domains on the Internet.


In order for your Internet site to become a full-fledged resident of the World Wide Web Internet, it is necessary not only to come up with a domain for the site, but the correct registration of domains must also occur.

Many beginners in various Internet spheres are interested in the question: what is a domain? A domain is, simply put, the address of the site, or rather the name of this address. That is, a domain for a site is a set of letters that acts as an identifier for a particular Internet portal.

Domain types

First, it should be noted that domains are both paid and free. By deciding to buy a domain, you will benefit in some aspects regarding the maintenance of the site. If the “Buy a domain" option does not suit you, then a free domain is more suitable.

Secondly, domains are divided into the following types:

  • National
  • International
  • Internationalized
  • Reserved.

There are also different levels of domains, there can be only three of them. Moreover, if we talk about first-level domains, then they can be either territorial or non-territorial. Simply put, this information allows you to instantly determine the belonging of a particular Internet resource to a particular country.

If we talk about the second group of domain names, then we can say that there are much more options here: .tv, .info, .com, .edu. An appropriate domain name can be a television company, an information website, an organization whose main goal is to make a profit, or an educational resource.

Government agencies usually register under the .gov domain, networks and providers – .net, official movie sites – .movie, and non-profit organizations got the .org domain.

The second-level domain indicates the direction of the site. It is advisable to follow this rule when choosing a name for your own site, but recently webmasters attribute their site to one or another domain for no reason.

One way or another, but the first-level domain cannot be used on its own, it serves only for registering second-level domains. And it is desirable to use a second-level domain as the site address, so it will be much more convenient not only for the site owner, but also for users of the World Wide Web.

Many beginners in creating Internet sites are interested in such an aspect as domain registration. However, in any case, before this procedure, the domain should be checked for employment.

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