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What is a gadget and what is a device


One of my friends used the word "device" too often in her vocabulary. She used this word "device" more often than the device itself, because she did not know at all what it was. She thought it was something cool, which no one else has! But in fact, it turned out that absolutely everyone has devices. After all, a device is a technical device, apparatus or device that performs certain functions.

As soon as she found out that everyone has had devices for a long time, she found a new word for herself – "gadget". And this time, she knew for sure that the gadget is not just a device, but an original, non-standard technical device. Gadgets tend to be more fancy and smarter than conventional technology. It was this factor that my friend liked so much.

Today, a gadget can be called a phone, smartphone, PDA, Bluetooth headset and other high-tech gizmos. Here is the difference between these two devices. A device is an independent device, and a gadget is a gadget for other devices. Portability is an attribute of gadgets. Devices can be huge!

Traditionally, a gadget is considered a PDA and a cell phone with additional features such as text input recognition, an organizer, a text and image editor, or a slide-out keyboard. Secondly, the gadget – as it is understood now – is always digital, and the device is not necessary. Both a mechanical meat grinder and an electric saw can be called a device. Wow, and my whole house is in devices! Here are just smaller gadgets. Yes, the question arose why a phone with a built-in camera does not cause as many smiles and delight as a camera with a built-in phone.

A modern person does not need to justify why a flash drive should be in a watch, and a phone in a fountain pen. It’s just cool. Well, if you’re talking about me, I don’t need to use those words. Why not call a spade a spade? A phone is a phone, and a camera is a camera!

I use such words extremely rarely, as a rule, to emphasize, for example, the huge tricked-out functions 🙂

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