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What is a hard drive


Nowadays, every home has a computer in which a lot of information is stored. So let’s ask ourselves the question – where is it stored?

Every computer has a hard drive (hard drive) – its memory. Everyone chooses which computer to purchase and for what purposes, the quantity and quality of hard disk memory will depend on this. The more memory on the disk, the more expensive your computer will be.

Hard drives are both internal and external. Internal – ordinary small boxes with a disk inside. External – discs are varied, large and smaller, of different colors. It will all depend on how the manufacturer decorates his products. For example, Toshiba invented a hard drive that fits on your fingertip. Western Digital has surprised again by releasing a new hard drive model with a stylish backlight.

What is a hard drive

As you can see, hard drives are diverse, but all users use them and store information there, someone puts everything on the shelves to make it easier to find, someone in a chaotic manner, calling it "creative mess".

Experts say that already a few months after the purchase of a new computer, the cost of information stored on it exceeds the cost of the computer itself. This is for "office" machines. 

For a home PS (personal computer), this period is from six months to a year. Moreover, in fact, this very information will calmly survive the breakdown of any computer node, with the exception of one and only one – the hard disk, on which it is actually stored. So the problem of hard drive reliability is no less relevant today than ten years ago.

Despite the rapid progress in the field of data storage on hard drives, the reliability of modern HDDs, in general, in our everyday understanding, leaves much to be desired.

Today, the hard drive market is very rich in various brands, models, sizes, and others, but it is quite difficult to choose exactly the hard drive that you need, so I advise you to contact specialists when purchasing this device.

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