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What is a knitting machine?


Their main purpose is to help a woman knit a product, firstly, quickly, and secondly, beautifully and efficiently.

If you like to knit and knit a lot, then you should buy a knitting machine. Along with other household machines (washing machine, dishwasher, etc.), a home knitting machine is a woman’s assistant and facilitates her work.

What car to choose? To do this, you need to understand the existing types of household knitting machines.

Depending on the number of needle beds, household knitting machines are divided into single and double needle beds.

Fontura is a needle bed with needles. The knitting machine also has a carriage. The fabric on a knitting machine is obtained by interlacing threads by moving the carriage along a fixed needle bed (or needle beds, if the machine is double-headed) with needles on which a certain number of loops are typed.

On a machine with one needle bar, a satin stitch pattern is obtained (satin stitch). This pattern consists of facial or purl loops. The fabric is one-sided.

On the basis of the weaving surface, you can get an openwork, embossed, colored fabric and other knitting options.

On a knitting machine with two needle beds, you can knit not only with a satin stitch, but also get a weave (elastic band), consisting of alternating knit and purl loops. A two-faced fabric is made on a double-faced machine. On such a machine, there are more knitting options and you can work on two needle beds at once or alternately.

Knitting machines at the place of production are divided into domestic (for example, "Severyanka", "Neva", "Ladoga", "Cascade", etc.) and imported (for example, "Brother", "Silver", "Toyota", "Passar" and etc.)

On domestic mechanical knitting machines, patterns are made manually (the selection of needles is carried out by hand using special tools). Some types of knitting are performed using levers on carriages.

Mechanical imported knitting machines are equipped with a punching device. The selection of needles on them is carried out using punched cards in a semi-automatic or automatic way.

In electronic knitting machines, this selection is carried out using a special computer program. The computer unit is built into or connected to the machine. The electronic knitting machine can be connected with a special cable to a personal computer.

Knitting machines differ in class: the size of the needles, the number of needles in the needle bed, as well as the distance between the needles.

The class of the machine indicates the thickness of the yarn that can be used on it: the higher the class of the machine, the thinner the yarn used.

In order to expand the capabilities of the knitting machine, there are also additional devices: a pattern device, an openwork carriage, a device for automatic color change, an intarsia carriage, an automatic weaving and others.

To assemble the product, a kettle machine is used. It facilitates the work of the knitter and helps her to complete the work faster.

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