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What is a PC (personal computer)?


What is a computer? In my opinion, it is obvious that the main part of the components that makes a computer a computer is located in the depths of the system unit. But first, consider the external components of a modern personal computer:

  1. Monitor – a device for displaying information on the screen;
  2. The system unit is the main component of the computer;
  3. Keyboard – an input device designed to enter text, symbols, numbers, punctuation marks, etc.;
  4. The mouse is also an input device designed to select and move various screen objects;
  5. Audio Speakers – Necessary for sound reproduction.

Thus, the main external components of the computer are described here. There are also many other additional devices, such as a scanner, printer, etc.

Next, consider, as mentioned earlier, the main components of the system unit.

The main fundamental element of the computer is the motherboard, it is on it that other elements of the PC (personal computer) are located. The main characteristic of the motherboard chipset is a chipset, the role of which is to connect the PC processor with other devices. The main element of the computer is the processor – a small microcircuit, if compared with the human body, that the processor performs the function of the heart.

What is a PC (personal computer)?

Another important device is memory – random access memory (RAM) – is responsible for the temporary storage of information. The computer is working with it at the moment. All data enters the processor from RAM, the result of their processing is also contained in memory.

There are still many important components, such as a video system, video adapter or video card, audio system, hard drive, etc., but we will consider these components in detail in other articles.

Thus, we complete the review on the question of what a computer is and conclude that in the modern world not a single office, school, institute, etc. can do without computers. If you learn how to use it skillfully, then it brings good productivity. In a word, a computer simply makes life easier for a modern person!

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