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What is a personal brand?


Now the brand has really become the main tool in the promotion of any business. Sometimes it is he who solves all other problems. If you were able to create it, then you will discover a world of great opportunities, because having a personal brand, you can achieve not only popularity, but also a large flow of customers, business friends, and so on. If you can’t wait to learn how to build a personal brand from scratch, then this article is for you!

Definition of the concept of "personal brand"

So, first of all, let’s deal with the concept so that you understand what you have to deal with. In simple words, a personal brand is a kind of “face" of your business that will bring you profit due to recognition. When your name becomes an advertisement. That is what people think of you when they hear your name. He should immediately distinguish you from others, so that people come to you, I mean, as a specialist. Let’s say you were given names – Steve Jobs or Anatoly Wasserman. You immediately imagined what they were doing, right? That is, some impression was formed exactly. This is the simplest example that could help you figure it out. But if you still do not fully understand, do not worry, it will be clearer further.

Many people think that companies don’t need it or it’s difficult to do it. In fact, in this case, if you try, anyone can create a brand. On the contrary, it will be much easier for companies to find a customer base, promote themselves, and cooperate with other companies. In general, many doors will open.

What is a personal brand?

Building a personal brand consists of two main factors: your reputation and how often you are talked about. The first is the basis of everything, since it is extremely difficult to achieve something with a bad reputation, you know. And for quality work, you need a certain reputation, only very reliable, to be sure. We all understand that it can be destroyed at any moment.

Many also worry that they will not be able to create it because they are not popular. In fact, you do not need to be known by everyone and everywhere. It is necessary that you be known in your field of activity – then the first will no longer matter, because your goal was completely different.

So who is it for?

Many people wonder why a personal brand is so important. Well, let’s start with the fact that Russian citizens and citizens of the CIS are convinced that only public people need it: actors, athletes and politicians. But they do not understand the main thing – customers want to "see" the company, and not just buy something from it. That’s the way business works these days. A particularly good solution would be to promote yourself on social networks.

If we say for whom it is specifically needed, then there will be no specific answer, since every entrepreneur who wants good profits must do something for this. But there is still a category of businessmen who need it:

  • Businessmen who need to promote the company;
  • Specialists in a particular field;
  • Experts in any field who need to expand the circle of clients.

And in general, to all entrepreneurs who offer imported goods or promote intellectual services.

Watch the video on how to get started building a personal brand.

Before you start working on this, you need a plan of your actions. The concept is extremely important! Creating a page, publishing beautiful photos with text – this does not mean that everything is done. A personal brand in social networks is created in stages:

  • State yourself. Who are you? What are you interested in, what are you interested in?
  • Professionalism. What are you a pro at?
  • Experience and personal stories.
  • Philosophy. Discuss different values ​​about life, family, business.
  • Goals. What have you always been striving for? What do you want to change in the lives of your clients? How do you want to improve society?
  • global plans.
  • History of success. A story about your ups and downs.
  • Uniqueness. What is unique about your work? What is so special you can offer them? How are you different from others?
  • Image. Your behavior.
  • communication and audience. Decide on "your" audience. Decide how you will keep in touch with her. So it will be easier for you to work.

What is a personal brand?

And, of course, decide in which social network you would like to promote yourself. We will give an example of such a social network as Instagram.

Personal brand development on Instagram

As you already understood, promoting yourself is not at all an easy task, in particular in Social Media.

The main things to follow:

  • Be yourself. Try to act like a person, not a brand logo. Share your thoughts, humanize the company. After all, people feel everything, they are not so naive, so you should not lie and not be sincere. Yes, maybe everyone is talking about naturalness now, but this is a really important factor for Instagram, and this is how a personal brand is created on Instagram. The main thing is not to imitate, but to write about “your own”, for example, about a restaurant that you visited yesterday, or about a movie. Users love this!
  • Stick to direction. It often happens that some people change the subject of posts, well, very often. You can, of course, discuss different areas, but you don’t need to change them too quickly. You need to approach this more professionally. In general, try to select topics that are close to your business.

What is a personal brand?

  • Hashtags. Yes, of course, you can go far with them, but if you use them correctly! You can not randomly place them everywhere and an infinite number. It looks terribly unaesthetic, and besides, it’s stupid. Use 4-8 tags, but wisely!
  • Attract attention. In your publications, do not forget to add links to your websites or blogs. So that people can actually watch you. You can do the same with a new product: post about it in your publications or stories. But do it casually.
  • Spam. This is terribly annoying for all users! So please don’t spam. Posting everything and often is not necessary. People will just get tired of you!
  • Watch out for photo quality. This is extremely important, so you need to use a high-quality camera, editing applications, and so on.

This is how you can succeed in business today! The main thing is not to be afraid of anything and be creative.