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What is a random number generator?


All processes in the world occur either by chance, or according to a predetermined plan or pattern.

In fact, in every area of ​​our lives, we use random numbers. When you toss a coin, play poker or the lottery, come up with a numeric password, or create a game, you use random numbers or a specially designed random number generator.

Random Number Generator (RNG) is an algorithm that generates almost independent numbers in a sequence. Only a given distribution unites them.

The operation of the RNG depends on a pre-written algorithm. Based on this, we can talk about the pseudo-randomness of these numbers. Therefore, there is an expression that in our world nothing is accidental, no matter how random it may seem.

According to all scientific articles, the random number generator has a more correct name – the pseudo-random number generator. Just for convenience, the use of the word "pseudo" is omitted.

In fact, all RNG algorithms are highly dependent on the programming language and computing platform.

The principle of operation of all types of generators is quite simple – an internal function is used that selects random values ​​u200bu200bwithin a specified range.

Very often now random number generators are used in online poker rooms. At the same time, most of the owners of such sites try to provide the algorithm and the RNG certificate (in order to certify the participants that there is no set-up).

But there is another area of ​​activity where such algorithms are used – cryptography. To create completely new and inaccessible passwords and a whole host of other functions, random number generators are designed just in time. Of course, there are risks to understand the algorithm and calculate the combination, but this is almost impossible for even the most experienced hacker.

But this is of no use to a simple, average inhabitant of our planet. More often, the generator is used for betting in lotteries, suddenly there is the same algorithm, it suddenly coincides. The probability is very small, but hope, as they say, dies last.

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