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What is a self-powered Tesla Free Energy Generator?


It is useful to know how Tesla’s self-powered generator is assembled Ten years after the technology for successful extraction of alternating current was patented, Nikola Tesla developed a model of a fuel-free electric generator. The power consumption for the operation of the installation is generated by the generator itself, and one electrical impulse from the battery is enough to start. For some reason, the Tesla generator with self-feeding is still not used in the sectors of the national economy.

What is a Tesla Free Energy Generator?

To understand how the device works, you should familiarize yourself with the features of its design in more detail. a specially prepared iron plate is lifted up as high as possible. Another plate is installed in the ground. A wire is started from the iron plate to one side of the capacitor. The other wire goes from ground to the other end of the capacitor.

All sources of radiant energy emit microscopic particles that carry a positive charge, which, in the process of interacting with a metal plate, transfer a constant electric charge to it. The capacitor terminal, mounted on the opposite side of the instrument, is connected to ground, which in turn can act as a giant reservoir filled with negative electricity. A small current is constantly flowing into the capacitor, and since the potential of the charge of the particles is high enough, the capacitor can be fed almost constantly. The device, which is elementary in its design, really corresponds to the statement on the development of a fuel-free generator using cosmic radiation as an energy source.What is a self-powered Tesla Free Energy Generator?

Self-powered Tesla generator – the main invention of the scientist

Nikola Tesla claimed that one of his most significant and important works is the description of a self-activating fuel-free generator capable of extracting electricity from the earth’s atmosphere. The scientist stated that he began his thoughts on the design of the generator after Lord Kelvin began to assert that it was impossible to develop a self-cooling unit that maintains its functionality through external heat sources.

Nikola Tesla presented a bundle of wires of sufficient length, stretched beyond the planet’s atmosphere. Since the temperature of the Earth is higher than in the surrounding space, the heat will be directed upward through the wires. At the same time, current will flow through these wires. After that, it will be possible to power the motor using two wires. The electric motor will function until the temperature of the planet drops. In this way, it would be possible to obtain an installation that produces electricity from the atmosphere without first consuming other sources of power.

The next stage in the development of the Tesla generator

The energy of the ether can be used to generate the electricity needed by all of humanity for a normal life. In his article, the scientist continued the description of the generator development process. Tesla soon began to argue that a simple electric machine would not convert cosmic energy into electricity.

This was the basis for the development of such a unit as a turbine. The water pump was the most popular. A feature of such a device are flat iron discs, which help to accelerate the movement of water. Such a disk turbine can be used as the basis for some other useful inventions. Thanks to the work of Tesla, the free transmission of electricity in the required quantity became possible.What is a self-powered Tesla Free Energy Generator?Even in his youth, the scientist thought about developing a mechanism capable of generating alternating current. For the first time, he voiced his idea at one of the lectures in college, but the teachers did not understand the principle of the self-feeding device. The scientist did not abandon this wonderful idea, and after some time showed the world his first generator. Tesla will continue research in this area by moving to the United States. There he designed a new free energy generator. The accumulator of charged particles was patented by a scientist in 1901.

It is useful to know how to assemble a Tesla generator

To avoid difficulties during the assembly process, it is recommended to divide the workflow into three main stages:

  • Assembly of high-voltage secondary winding;
  • Installation of the primary winding with low voltage;
  • Assembly of the control mechanism.

First stage

As a basis for the secondary winding device, a cylindrical object can be used, around which it is necessary to wind a copper wire. The material from which the cylinder is made must not pass electricity. The most optimal product for this will be an ordinary PVC pipe. For a cylinder with a length of 30 cm and a diameter of 5 cm, a wire with a thickness of 0.12 mm is suitable. It is difficult to make an accurate calculation of the required number of turns in the winding, therefore it is recommended to follow the instructions of specialists in this field, who state that more than 800 turns are for some reason not recommended to make a winding.What is a self-powered Tesla Free Energy Generator?This remark raises certain doubts, since the essence of Nikola Tesla’s inventions lies in the interaction of the installation with the environment. The height of the device should be maximum, and such restrictions in the form of recommendations of authoritative experts regarding the number of turns literally prevent the implementation of the idea itself. When it comes to interacting with the environment, what use can a small device be?

Authoritative scientists, in turn, argue that the efficiency of the generator, on the contrary, will decrease with an increase in the number of turns. Such verbal fornication contradicts itself, because according to this logic, the minimum size of the coil gives the maximum efficiency, which, in principle, cannot be. Depending on how the coil is placed, its length is determined. With a horizontal arrangement, the size of the device will have to be reduced. This way of arranging the coil also contradicts the basic principle of the operation of generators of free energy obtained from the atmosphere of the planet.

The process of winding turns implies certain difficulties, so everything must be done carefully and very carefully. First of all, it is necessary to make a technical hole in the pipe. 19 cm are measured from it and another hole is drilled. a copper wire is placed in the first hole, which must be fixed with something. The wire is inserted into the pipe by about 10 cm. After that, you can start winding the coil. Copper wire must be wound clockwise, each turn must be laid neatly and tightly pressed against the rest.

Second phase

Now you can start manufacturing the primary winding. You need to take a thick wire with the maximum possible diameter. The diameter of the primary winding should be twice the thickness of the wire on the secondary. For our product, 5-6 turns are enough. There is a sufficient number of various schemes available for review on the Internet. Adjustment of the transformer operation can be performed automatically or manually.