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What is a site?


The life of a modern person is unthinkable without a virtual network, the answer to any question in a matter of minutes can be found in the global information space called the Internet.

It is unlikely that any of the users thought deeply about what would happen to the World Wide Web if there were no sites. What is it? "Site" is a word of English origin, translated into Russian means "place", namely the place in the virtual network where this or that information is located.

There are several categories of sites depending on what kind of information load it carries: corporate, corporate representative office, large information portal, online information publication, photo gallery site, promo site, online store, personal page, business card site and a number of others.. The purpose of creating any site is to create conditions for solving the pressing problems of an organization or an individual.

The most common, classic category are corporate sites. Their distinguishing feature is an impressive volume, a wide branching of the structure of the information provided, navigation that facilitates the search for data of interest, and, finally, an interactive form that allows you to leave your feedback, ask a question, order a product or service.

Corporate representative offices are nothing but a simplified version of a corporate website. The main difference is that it does not have an interactive form

Large information portals are also very popular, because they allow the user to download the necessary information.

Personal sites are usually small, consisting of one or two pages, carrying general information about the owner and his interests.

Perhaps the most stupid sites are business card sites. Apart from the desire of an organization to claim that it has its own site, there is hardly anything useful to be learned from the content of such a site.

If an organization really wants to post complete information about its activities, the results of this activity, vacancies, it is necessary to think about creating an information site consisting of a large number of pages covering the entire spectrum.

Meanwhile, no matter what category the site belongs to, it is based on a different degree of information, which changes very quickly. To keep the site up to date, all sites have administrator access to update.

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