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What is a social media status?


Nowadays, for sure, most of them have their own page in some social network. For example, "VKontakte", or in "My World", or on "Facebook", or somewhere else. It’s no secret that personal pages on such portals are created for communication between old acquaintances and friends or for meeting new people. As a rule, on personal pages, users indicate some part of personal information so that it is easier for interlocutors to navigate. 

Status has become one of the important elements of any social network profile in recent years. In a general sense, the word status denotes the position of a group or individual in a social system. Statuses are different: economic, legal, family, and so on. Initially, network statuses did not have such a wide distribution and textual expression, they were displayed as graphic emoticons in Internet pagers, such as "icq", "mail.ru agent", etc. They indicated the user’s busyness and mood. With the advent of social networks, everything changed, text statuses appeared, and their importance on the network has grown significantly. 

The user sets the status of the social network profile for himself. It can change depending on the mood and psychological state of the user, it is sometimes called a network "diagnosis". The user sets statuses on his page when he wants to share a joke, mood or an interesting saying with his friends. 

Now on the World Wide Web there are many sites that contain huge collections of online statuses. They are designed to make it easier for users to find formulated thoughts that suit their mood. On almost all such sites, statuses are divided into categories. So a girl in love is likely to be interested in statuses about love and guys that she can find in the appropriate category. By placing one of them on her page, she will be able to convey her mood to friends, and possibly hint to her beloved about her condition. In addition, in the collection of statuses you can find humorous statuses, statuses for guys, sad, joyful, semantic and many others. As a result of this, each person will be able to find a status corresponding to his mood or state of mind.

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