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What is Cap, or Captain Evidence to the rescue!


What is Cap? Cap, or Captain Obviousness, is a character of modern Internet folklore, which is very popular among users of the Lurkomorye portal, a virtual encyclopedia dedicated to Internet memes and phraseological units. Also, the expression "Captain Obvious" can be found in blogs, forums and social networks.

Cap is the main superhero of the entire Network. The vocation of Captain Obvious is to help all those in need, solemnly informing them of common truths. 

Captain Obvious: Direct Speech

  • The earth is round.
  • It revolves around the sun.
  • The sun is the center of the solar system.
  • The solar system is located in the Milky Way galaxy.
  • The location of the Milky Way is space.
  • Bread is made from flour.

Captain Evidence is a classic of Internet phraseology. Over the years, the image of Cap has acquired an impressive history and intricate mythology. 

Obvious facts

  • The prototype of Cap’s external image is Captain America, the hero of popular American comics and cartoons.
  • The most ancient predecessor of Captain Obvious is Openchinel (commedia dell’arte character).
  • The progenitor of the domestic captain is the American Captain Obvious.
  • Cap also has relatives in Germany – Hauptmann Offensichtlich.
  • As befits a real superhero, Cap has personal symbolism. Its emblem is a capital letter O.
  • To maintain anonymity, Cap never takes off his mask.
  • In 2008-2009, Captain Evidence settled on the site bash.org.ru (a collection of quotes from the dialogues of Runet users) as a conscientious commentator. The captain explained in detail the meaning of each of the quotes posted on the site, adding his invariable “So-and-so!" at the end of the speech.
  • Cap is an advanced Internet user. He has his own twitter.
  • Often, users who want to pass off an immature, sucked-out-of-the-finger assertion as truth are covered by the name of the Captain.

Where does Cap live?

The expression "Captain Obvious" is very popular among users of imageboards, wiki portals, forums, social networks and blogs. When dealing with young and inexperienced users, seasoned users often have to play the role of Captain Obvious. 

  • Administrators of encyclopedic portals have to regularly call on Cap, referring to authoritative sources;
  • Popular bloggers use this expression up to ten to twenty times a day;
  • What is Cap VKontakte? On the social network, Captain Evidence behaves in exactly the same way as always – he meticulously explains obvious truths and simple facts to his interlocutor; 
  • One way or another, any Internet user at least a few times in his life had to take on the duties of Captain Obvious.
  • If on a social network or on a forum they answer you: “thank you, Cap” – do not be surprised and do not be offended: it only means that the spirit of an immortal Internet hero has descended on you.

When communicating online, be polite and keep a sense of humor. Politeness is a sign of culture and good upbringing, and the ability to laugh at the right moment at the current situation is an undoubted evidence of the maturity of the mind. Patiently explaining a common truth to a beginner, you will do a good deed. It is possible that this truth is obvious only to you. Best wishes,

your Cap.

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