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What is HYIP and is it possible to make money on it?


What is HYIP, HYIP projects and how does it work?

In general, the word HYIP, which recently began to appear so often in youth slang, has English roots. From English, "HYIP" is translated as a highly profitable investment project. Such a concept sounds, of course, tempting, but is it really so? In practice, it turns out that getting a serious income from this kind of activity is quite difficult. As a rule, the creator of any HYIP is called an admin, and in most cases such a person is practically no different from the same scammer. The admin always receives profit from the project, even if he claims that it is closed for some reason. Thus, at its core, HYIP is a kind of financial pyramid that grows by attracting new participants. Moreover, the involvement of which is directly involved in those people who who are already participating in the project and receive supposedly good rewards for this. In addition to the admin, people close to him also make a profit for a specific HYIP. Basically, admins do not work on their own and they always have a team that gets their fixed percentage.

What is HYIP and is it possible to make money on it?

How to make money on HYIP will be discussed in more detail in this video.

Hype in modern slang

In modern slang, the word hype has acquired a slightly different meaning. Now the hype in the fashion scene is considered intrusive advertising, a kind of hype or excitement caused around a particular object or action. Unlike hype, which refers to the world of business, investment and business marketing, modern youth hype is a kind of phraseological unit, which today can be heard literally at every step, on the Internet, in the media and in the media. Often the word "hype" is also understood by hipsters as a kind of sarcasm or irony regarding an event or a specific person. In fact, it turns out that hype is popularity and heated discussion around some phenomenon or person. For the most part, such public attention is achieved by very cheap methods and passes quite quickly.

What is HYIP and is it possible to make money on it?

What are HYIPs?

In addition to the fact that HYIPs can be divided into good and bad, they can also be classified according to other criteria. For example, investment projects can be divided according to the principle of whether a foreign or Russian admin works in it, whether the site is made for it on a self-written engine or not. However, the most common classification of HYIPs is the classification according to their profitability. This classification is the most significant, because the main goal of HYIP is to make a profit. Depending on this, HYIPs can be of the following types:

  • low-income;
  • middle-income;
  • Highly profitable.

Highly profitable very often have a different name, namely fasts. In such HYIPs, inexperienced investors usually lose. There are many such projects on the Internet and they all promise 100% net profit in just 1 day. It is very risky to play such HYIPs, but if you win, you can get an impressive profit. A relatively new trend in this industry is considered to be medium-income HYIPs. These projects are the most popular today, since you can get about 50% of the profit from them per month. At the same time, mid-income HYIPs cannot exist for a long time because of their marketing. As a rule, such HYIPs, with smooth development and high-quality performance, work on average for 4-5 years. As for low-yield HYIPs, they are rather interesting only for beginners. Large investors are not included in such HYIP projects, since they bring only 5-15% of income.

What is HYIP and is it possible to make money on it?

How to choose a HYIP and make money on it?

Anyone who wants to invest in HYIP is concerned about the choice of a profitable project. It is clear that everyone wants to choose a project that can consistently generate profit over a long period. Unfortunately, there is no universal tactic for choosing a HYIP project, however, just as it cannot be. All this is individual, but there are certain subtleties that are worth a closer look. The details that you need to pay attention to when choosing a HYIP are as follows:

  • Site quality;
  • Profit withdrawal;
  • Ease of communication;
  • Payment systems;
  • News and updates;
  • The documents.

First of all, you should pay attention to the documents. But at the same time, it should be understood that even genuine documents cannot guarantee with 100% accuracy that HYIP is doing crystal clear work. Although in any case, if there are no documents for HYIP, then this definitely indicates that you should not contact him. In addition, a really good HYIP project always has a high-quality website, is constantly updated and has no difficulties with withdrawing money and payment systems. On a quality project, fresh information regularly appears. If the resource is dead and its owners do not intend to develop it, then the lack of content will clearly show all the ins and outs of the hype.

What is HYIP and is it possible to make money on it?

The subtleties of HYIP that you should know

For those who decide to make money on HYIP, it is worth understanding one truth, HYIP is not the best way to increase hard-earned money. Especially when it comes to people with little knowledge in this area. Highly profitable projects function mainly due to new investors and earn money exclusively on those of them who understand little about this. Therefore, if there is a small amount of money about 5-10 thousand dollars, then you can still invest it in HYIP and try to earn the required interest on it. But if the amount of investment is more serious, then it is better to consider more win-win and familiar options for profit. HYIP is a risky way to earn money, therefore it is better for investors who understand this well to make money on it.