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What is IMHO and who invented it


The number of people using the Internet is increasing every year. Now it is difficult to meet a person who has not heard about the World Wide Web. And a novice user, browsing any sites or communicating, for example, in a chat, may stumble upon obscure expressions or words.

Here is an example, IMHO. At first glance, it is difficult to understand what meaning these letters carry. So let’s figure out whose fantasy it is and what this strange word means.

IMHO (English IMHO) is a common expression used by users on the Internet. It stands for "in my humble opinion" (from the English phrase "In My Humble Opinion").

There are also similar abbreviations, but they are used extremely rarely. These are IMO (“In My Opinion" – “in my opinion”) and IMNSHO (“In My Not So Humble Opinion” – “in my not-so-humble opinion”).

The exact author of this abbreviation is unknown, but there is information that it appeared among fans of science fiction, and then got on the Internet and quickly became popular among Internet users.

The abbreviation IMHO is most often used in all kinds of chats and forums. It is used to indicate that a statement is not a proven fact, but is nothing more than the personal opinion of the author. These four capital letters have become very popular, because they are much easier and faster to type on the keyboard than "I think", "I think", etc.

By the way, in oral speech, this abbreviation is used much less frequently and is not so famous.

But since a person’s fantasy has no boundaries, various comic variations of deciphering this word have appeared on Russian-language forums. For example, “I Have an Opinion, Though Wrong”, “Individual Opinion of the Owner of the Answer”, “I Have an Opinion, I Want to Voice” or “I Have an Opinion, I Want to Mark”. In general, there are many options, but all of them, one way or another, come down to the same semantic load: they express a person’s view of any situation.

All in all, it’s a pretty good word. (IMHO)

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