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What is seamless underwear and how is it made?


Having appeared on the market, seamless underwear won women’s hearts: this pleasant to the touch detail of the toilet is completely invisible even under thin clothes. In addition, these products are hygroscopic and highly breathable, making them ideal for sports. Adding here the slimming effect and a quite reasonable price, we understand that this success was not accidental.

Seamless technology was borrowed by underwear manufacturers from the hosiery industry. Adapting the production of stockings for the manufacture of seamless underwear is not so difficult. It is for this reason that this technology has developed simply rapidly.

Having discovered that the principle of circular weaving, which is used in the production of tights, is easily applicable to the creation of comfortable underwear, a rare Western hosiery manufacturer did not create his own underwear collection. And since the production technology and materials remained practically the same, the new product was initially not in the most expensive category, which added to its attractiveness in the eyes of the consumer.

The production of seamless underwear is an organic fusion of several scientific areas: design, mathematics and programming. The very heart of production (or maybe its brain?) Is the control center from which commands are sent to knitting machines. The transition from one model to another is a change of program, which is carried out in less than three hours.

But this ease is preceded by the most accurate mathematical calculation: you need to take into account dozens of different parameters that the finished product must comply with.

By the way, the possibilities that this technology is fraught with have not yet been exhausted. A vivid evidence of this is corset seamless underwear. The level of execution of this unique idea is such that it really is a full-fledged corset underwear, but without seams in the cup. And the difference between this underwear and just corset underwear is fundamental: completely different techniques are used for manufacturing.

So seamless underwear, very popular today, seems to be preparing us a lot of pleasant surprises for tomorrow.

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