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What is social business


Social business is a direction of activity for mitigation or even a solution to social. Problems.

For a social entrepreneur to be called such, 3 things are needed:

  1. Real social problem;
  2. Unique business system;
  3. The project must pay off.

Money earned not in social business used to solve social problems. problems are charity. Social business arises where government and charity money does not reach, i.e. no money to solve.

Enthusiasts create a business model, and attracting public attention, they involve charitable organizations, and then government ones. Social business, unlike enterprises that are set up to maximize profits, exists to provide social benefits to those for whom it works. Those. the goal of the business is to solve social problems through the production of services and products. problems of a certain circle of people. Not generating income, dividends, but also being break-even.

What is social business

In terms of economics, one can describe social business as fully covering costs, providing a return on investment, financing money comes from profits, as well as in the form of low prices and high quality service.

In this situation, the poor strata of the population are more adapted to their existence Expansion of activities: the use of efficient technologies, new goods and services and new markets ensures the growth of benefits, social business to society.

What is social business

The poor create their own efficient small business. Small business ideas are unlike any other…

Examples of social business:

  1. Creation of energy through solar and biofuels.
  2. Locals are trained in the production of solar-powered electronic accessories.
  3. In villages and villages that are not covered by the power transmission network, phones and computers are charged from batteries (solar panels).
  4. The ability to use wireless information transmission technologies is a huge chance to overcome the poverty threshold.

This is an important project, it contributes to the development of communications.

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