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What is the difference between an iPhone and a smartphone: clash of the titans


Stylish or smart

We are usually informed about the imminent change of times by gadgets that are becoming more and more perfect every year. In order to win the hearts of mass consumers, many devices and a whole year are long. As an example, suffice it to recall the iPhone, the appearance of which Steve Jobs announced in early 2007. As soon as it appeared on store shelves, this stylish and smart gadget instantly turned into a desired accessory for many. Only a few years have passed since the advent of smartphones and iPhones, and many of us have already managed to change several of these devices.

Faced with the next need to purchase not a simple phone, but a multifunctional mobile device, many of us are wondering what is the difference between an iPhone and a smartphone. Some even joke that the iPhone line is designed for people for whom fashion is more important, but the smartphone is designed for smart users. To begin with, it is worth deciding that the iPhone is also a smartphone. Actually, the iPhone was the first touch mobile device that combined the functions of the iPod, tablet and communicator. The rest of the phone manufacturers, immediately after the first iPhones entered the market, began to create their own models of smartphones, many of which very much resembled Apple products.

Smartphones: what distinguishes them and unites them

Let’s try to figure out if there are any fundamental differences between the devices manufactured by Steve Jobs and similar ones from other well-known manufacturers. iPhones, unlike smartphones, have an iOS operating system. Smart mobile devices from other manufacturers may have a variety of operating systems. Smartphones based on Android are very common and popular now.

For many buyers, a significant disadvantage of the first iPhone was the inability to integrate third-party programs and applications into devices. That is, it turned out that only products developed by Apple were suitable for such gadgets.

If we talk about how the iPhone differs from a smartphone and a phone, then one cannot but mention the price. Apple products, which, of course, have a lot of fans all over the world, usually cost more than similar devices from other manufacturers. Although all major companies that produce smartphones and phones have expensive models. The iPhone is a unique and stylish accessory that takes some getting used to. For the same users who often change smartphones, it is usually more convenient to use gadgets based on Android.

The iPhone differs from ordinary mobile phones in much the same way as other smartphones. In all smartphones, compared to simple phones, the operating system is open. In addition, phones, as a rule, do not have the multifunctionality that iPhones and smartphones have. The multimedia capabilities of smartphones are usually more advanced than those of ordinary phones. However, all smart phones are vulnerable to spyware and viruses, so antivirus software must be installed on the devices to protect them.

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