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What is the universe made of from different points of view


Before answering questions related to the structure of the Universe, we must remember that it will be difficult to get an unambiguous answer to them. After all, the fact is that a person cannot study in detail what, with all the desire, cannot be measured with the usual values. Therefore, it is impossible to say exactly what the Universe is made of. However, today there are several hypotheses that have every right to exist.

The Big Bang Theory

The most popular model of the origin of the universe has undergone many changes throughout its history. As a result, at the moment, scientists have come to the conclusion that, most likely, the Big Bang occurred from 13 to 15 billion years ago.

Initially, nothing existed, although it is not easy to imagine. Or there was a certain point, which astronomers call a singularity and take as an absolute beginning. What happened before that, no one knows at the moment.

Then this point exploded, and each particle of space began to infinitely move away from other particles. Consequently, the space began to expand. At the same time, there was a gradual decrease in temperature, because initially the universe, compressed to a minimum, was in a hot state. The decrease in temperature contributed to the formation of elementary particles, which, in fact, eventually formed everything that exists today.

What is the universe made of from different points of view

Without beginning and end

Many astronomers from time to time make discoveries that support the Big Bang theory. However, this is not the ultimate truth, and there may well be other versions.

For example, the theory of an infinitely pulsating Universe. Its essence is that the point at which the explosion allegedly occurred did not disappear anywhere, but simply can both expand and contract to any limits an infinite number of times. It turns out that there has never been a creation of the world and there will never be an end to it. That’s just who created the Universe, which has no boundaries, remains a mystery.

However, this hypothesis does not deny that everything that exists is elementary particles randomly combined into cosmic bodies.

There is another alternative assumption, the so-called white hole theory. According to it, white holes, as opposed to black ones, do not draw space into themselves, but, as it were, “spit out" entire galaxies at once. And what the galaxy consists of can be seen with almost the naked eye. Most galaxies are clusters of different sizes and different intensities of radiation from stars.

What is the universe made of from different points of view

What is the universe made of in terms of religion

The creation of the world according to religious ideas, perhaps, is explained in the simplest way: a certain higher mind created everything with one of its desires and almost immediately, and before that there was nothing. But this assumption raises a number of other questions:

  1. What did God do before he created the world?
  2. Did God invent only the world we know, or others too?
  3. If God created everything in general, is he a single mind for other worlds and galaxies?

Such questions can be asked endlessly, but for religion they are unacceptable, since they question the omnipresence and omnipotence of the divine principle.

I must say that theologians advise simply to take the idea of ​​the creator on faith and not try to understand how everything could come out of nothing. However, they do not deny the main version – the Big Bang – as this does not contradict the divine principle of the world.

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