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What to do if one earbud does not work: step by step instructions


Headphones nowadays have to be changed more often than a toothbrush. And I would like to buy those that certainly won’t break, but even the most reliable options, according to the seller, still often break for one or two. And it’s not even about how much money you spend on them, rather, it’s a matter of accuracy of operation, which is very difficult to ensure in the case of this thing … And yet sometimes, if only the left or right “ear" plays, there is a chance to reanimate the device. So, what to do if one earphone does not work.

Problems not related to the headphones themselves

The cause of the "breakdown" may be an accident that is not directly related to your headphones:

What to do if one earbud does not work: step by step instructions

  1. Check if the plug is firmly inserted into the device. What it looks like, you certainly know. There are usually several sockets (if we are talking about a computer) or one (in a player, etc.). If the holes are multi-colored, you should choose green. Obviously, you have already coped with this part of the task, if the left or right "ear" is still playing. So, often one “ear” stops playing if the plug is not plugged in tightly.
  2. There is also a recipe for what to do if one earpiece does not work on a computer: sometimes, due to inexplicable magic, a non-working ear starts to play if, on the contrary, the plug is pulled out of the socket a little.
  3. When the issues with plugs and sockets are resolved and if the proceedings with them did not help, it is worth delving into the device itself. Sometimes sound problems are related to some sort of hardware error. If we are talking about a computer, it will be useful to reinstall the drivers. Usually they are sold complete with a computer on a disk. Otherwise, "firewood" can always be found on the Internet. You just need to drive in the device model, as well as what kind of driver you need.

If it’s all about the headphones

What to do if one earbud does not work: step by step instructions

When you’ve gone through the "easy" cases and still haven’t figured out why one earbud isn’t working, it’s worth assuming the worst: it could be the wire itself. Often it frays and breaks, this cannot be avoided, unless you do not carry them with you, but only use them at home or at work. But even in this situation, the device can still be revived.

Carefully inspect the entire wire. Most often, the cord is damaged closer to the bottom or, on the contrary, closer to the speaker. Repair is carried out as follows: the damaged part is cut off, the cut wire is stripped and twisted with the whole part of the cord. The place must be wrapped with electrical tape.

Why keep broken "ears"

If you went through all 4 steps, but it was not possible to fix the problem, you will probably have to say goodbye to them. Of course, you can only listen to music this way, but is it worth it? Some especially thrifty people stockpile unnecessary "one-ear" devices. To many, this may seem like a waste of time and space. But all this can come in handy if one earpiece does not work – how to fix it: take the old plug from non-working headphones and solder it with a working top (you can combine different parts). This is in case these “ears” are very dear to you.

In other situations, it is better to buy a new device, and then take care of it carefully: do not crumple, gently wind, do not bend the plug, but it is best to have a special box for it. Fortunately, now there are enough of them, you can choose a cheerful or ordinary transparent one, the main thing is not to be lazy to use it, and then it will definitely not be necessary to repair the “ears” again soon.