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What to do if the laptop does not see the bluetooth mouse and headphones?


Compared to desktop computers, laptops have a number of advantages, and one of the main ones is mobility. However, such devices require the use of wireless technology. It works thanks to the bluetooth function. It is not uncommon for a laptop mouse or other equipment not to work through bluetooth.

Possible causes of failure

There can be many reasons why bluetooth on a laptop does not see headphones, phones, a headset, a mouse, etc.. High-quality diagnostics and identification of the exact cause give great chances for a quick correction of the situation.

What to do if the laptop does not see the bluetooth mouse and headphones?

Among the most likely problems, it is worth highlighting the following 6:

Other possible causes, not related to the breakdown of equipment, can also be:

  • strong interference;
  • the desired object is too far from the adapter’s coverage area;
  • disabling the search system on the computer;
  • incorrect operation of the software.

laptop bluetooth mouse not working

The first thing the user needs to do is check the quality of the batteries. It is important to pay attention to how they are installed. Pluses and minuses must match the designations inside the mouse. If everything is fine, then you can proceed to check and eliminate another common cause of hardware malfunction – installing drivers.

Watch the video on why the laptop does not find the bluetooth mouse.

As a rule, for mice and laptops of the same brand, drivers are installed upon purchase. You can also find them on the CD that came with your computer. Another option is to go to the official website of the wireless device manufacturer and download the necessary drivers. After they appear on the laptop, they need to be installed. To do this, you need to double-click on the program and then, guided by the prompts in the windows that open, carry out the installation.

If everything is done correctly, a message about connecting a new object should pop up on the desktop. In cases where this does not happen, the user himself will have to manually show his computer where the drivers are located. You need to do the following:

  • go to the main menu through the "Start" button;
  • find the "Control Panel";
  • in the window that opens, select the "Dispatcher" section;
  • there you can find the device that was installed; activate it.

When, after that, bluetooth does not work on the laptop, you will have to carry out additional diagnostics. The module must be moved to a different slot. Perhaps some of the USB connectors are simply not connected to the motherboard, or simply broken or not enough power for the module to work correctly.

What to do if the laptop does not see the bluetooth mouse and headphones?

If this does not give any result, then it is worth checking the operation of the new device on another computer and with a different operating system. When it is not possible to establish communication with another computer, then the problem is either in the malfunction of the module or the device that is connected. For a more accurate diagnosis, you will have to contact the service center.

If the bluetooth on the laptop does not see the headset, the headphones

Regardless of which laptop model a person uses and what kind of sound card is installed, the principle of connecting bluetooth on a laptop remains the same (on windows 7 or 10 it doesn’t matter).

  • Definition of a sound card. To implement the task, you will have to go this way: "Start" – "My Computer" – then "Properties" – in this section, select "Task Manager". You need to look for one of the options: "Audio outputs", "Sound devices". There you can already see the name of the sound card.
  • On the net, thanks to the name, find the official website of the sound card and use the free drivers offered there: download and install them on your laptop.
  • Set up utilities. For this you need:

What to do if the laptop does not see the bluetooth mouse and headphones?

Thus, it will be possible to divide the sound stream in all directions, and not just into speakers.

  • in the "Manager" of the device, find the "Settings" section and from there pick up the checkbox next to the text "definition of sockets on the front panel".

This manipulation provides a good uninterrupted sound. In case it is still missing, the user must:

  • restart the computer and try to connect the device again;
  • check the health of the nest;
  • turn off and on the headphones (headset, microphone);
  • move the module to a different slot.

Maybe the bluetooth is physically absent?

If bluetooth on a laptop does not see the phone, headphones, mouse and any other devices, then the problem is most likely related to the incorrect operation of the laptop itself. At home, there are three ways to solve the problem.