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What to do if the tablet does not turn on and does not respond to charging: an algorithm of actions


The demand for tablet computers is huge. They are easy to use and compact. People “armed” with tablets can now be found almost everywhere, and many have long found the answer for themselves why a tablet is needed. On the street, in cafes and offices, they do not let go of their favorite computer devices. Due to the increase in the number of users, more and more people are turning to service centers with the question: “What should I do if the tablet does not turn on and does not respond to charging?” It turns out that initially you can try to turn it on yourself.

Several reasons why the tablet does not turn on

In order to understand what problem you may encounter if your tablet does not turn on, check out the reasons why this may happen:

  1. Discharging the battery. Partial or total discharge of the battery may cause the tablet to stop charging. The battery will fail and can only be replaced at a service center. To avoid this, it is advisable to charge it again when charging about 20%. It is recommended to do this systematically, even if you do not use the tablet at all for some time.
  2. Charger malfunction. If your tablet charges well from the computer, but not from the charger, that is, the tablet does not see charging, purchase a new one in a specialized store and try to recharge it there, as the reason may not be in it. When deciding to ask for a charger from someone you know, be careful, as the voltage of the charges must be identical.
  3. Dirt buildup in the connector can also cause you to be unable to charge your tablet. Clean the connectors and try again.
  4. The plug is out of order. Its breakdown can be detected by moving it in the connector. In the event that the charge still goes on in a certain position, take the tablet to a service center to replace the plug.

You can identify any of the above reasons why the tablet does not turn on, you can do it yourself. But if it still does not work, contact the service center. Specialists will disassemble it and determine which part requires repair, or a complete replacement.

What to do if the tablet does not turn on and does not respond to charging: an algorithm of actions

Steps to help turn on the tablet

In the event that the charger, tablet, battery, plug are working, try this:

  • put the tablet on charge;
  • enter the menu by pressing the power and volume up / down buttons;
  • using the volume up / down key, select "Power Off Device";
  • press the power key to confirm your choice;
  • after waiting for it to turn off, disconnect and then reconnect the charger.

If you followed all the steps correctly, the battery icon will appear and the tablet will start charging.

What to do if the tablet does not turn on and does not respond to charging: an algorithm of actions

Tablet works but no image

It may be that the tablet is working, but there is no image, as if it were turned off. To check if this is the case, put it on a charge for a couple of hours. Then press the Reset button. Wait about half an hour until the case becomes cold. Press the power button and hold it for a few seconds. Wait for a couple of minutes. If the back cover is a little warm, then it is working, there is simply no image. Take it to a service center so that the staff can check why this is happening.

If the tablet still does not turn on, do not try to disassemble it yourself. Turn to professionals, they will certainly help you.