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What to do if the tablet freezes, can I solve the problem myself?


One of the most common problems that tablet users face is freezing. Even well-known tablets from Apple sometimes cause trouble to their owners, completely unresponsive to touch. However, what to do if the tablet freezes, only a few know. No, of course, everyone knows how to poke all the buttons and knock on the back panel, but it is important to be able to behave correctly in such a situation.

First thing

Almost any programmed technique has a very important button – Reset (Reboot). As a rule, it is hidden in some hole to prevent accidental pressing. But in the past few years, manufacturers have decided to abandon it, replacing it with a key combination. So, for example, to restart the iPad, you need to hold down Home, and then press Power. Such an operation will help if it freezes. Similar combinations will also come to the rescue when tablets on Android and Windows freeze. A big plus of this method is that all your data will remain safe and sound even after several reboot procedures.

Reboot did not help, what’s next?

Often the following happens – you reboot the tablet, it turns on and freezes on the welcome screen or immediately after turning it on. To cope with this problem, you will have to dig deeper into the hardware or software. Attention! If you’ve never experienced reinstalling operating systems, don’t push your luck and move on to the next step. Everyone who is self-confident needs to do the following – find a manual for reinstalling (restoring) the OS and follow the instructions. Each of them says almost the same thing – we synchronize the device and PC via USB, run the program, format, update. There is nothing complicated in this procedure, especially if you are on “you" with a computer.

If the tablet is "hanging"

The last step that will definitely help if the tablet freezes is to contact the store where you made the purchase. In this case, the necessary repairs will be carried out at the service center. It is undesirable to save money by turning to eateries for repairing equipment and phones – specialists without education work there and repairs can be carried out so that your tablet will hang on a regular basis.

Now you know what to do if the tablet freezes. The main thing is to always remain calm, do not panic and remember: any equipment can be restored and repaired.

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