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What to do if you forgot the pattern password on your phone: useful tips for unlocking


A graphic password on a mobile device, the so-called graphic key, is a special security system for accessing the phone. It is a combination of actions that decrypt the access code. However, it happens that sometimes the key is forgotten. Many mobile phones are now based on Android and, accordingly, the problem needs to be solved with this particular system.

Quite a common situation: set the encoding and forgot. Then the corresponding question arises: what to do if you forgot the graphic password on your phone?

What to do if you forgot the pattern password on your phone: useful tips for unlocking

Instructions for unlocking the phone

What to do if you forgot the pattern password on your phone: useful tips for unlocking

There are several basic tricks for unlocking a mobile phone without using an additional application:

  1. If you forgot the pattern password on your phone, an auxiliary code will come to the rescue. On most devices, along with the key, a special combination of numbers and letters is also indicated: in case of forgetting the main encryption. If you remember this combination, enter in the appropriate field, the equipment will be unlocked, and then change the code. If there is no input field for this combination, then after several incorrectly typed ciphers, a field with a regular password will be automatically displayed on the screen.
  2. You can unlock it with a call. You just need to call a blocked mobile phone, press the HOME key in the call mode, go to settings and change the access key. The problem here is that not all android systems allow you to change settings during a call.
  3. You can wait until the mobile equipment is discharged: when a notification about the battery status appears, click on it, go to the battery management menu, from where exit and change the code again through the settings.

These are the tricks that will help you access your phone without using the Internet or involving a specialist. However, each technique is now individual, so there is no guarantee that these tips will help you, it is better to use special auxiliary programs.

Restoring access using the Internet and programs

If you are still thinking about how to unlock your phone, if you forgot the graphic password, then use the following tips:

  1. Usually there is special account protection. With it, you can unlock the technique. Try to choose the right program for your phone, and it will do everything for you: for example, for Samsung – Samsung Kies, for HTC systems – HTC Sync, Sony Ericsson – PC Suite and so on. Each system has its own program.
  2. Through the site, you can easily unlock the device. If you already have an account on the site, then go to your account. Then, through the menu, find the device, click "Unlock screen" -> "Unlock". Then again in the settings, change or disable encryption. You must have an internet connection to access.

However, it is not a fact that you will be able to connect to the Internet, because in order to enable Wi-Fi, you will need to enable it through the menu.

What to do if you forgot the pattern password on your phone: useful tips for unlocking

Reset all data

To unlock your phone, you can reset the data, but this will destroy all information on the device. Hard Reset button – forced factory reset. This is the most efficient and fastest way. If there is no important information on the mobile phone, then you can immediately proceed to this step, then you can easily get a clean mobile phone like a sheet, it will be brand new, as if after purchase.

What if you can’t do it yourself?

If, nevertheless, none of the methods helped to unlock, then you can already contact the service center, where they will definitely help you. Usually the numbers of service centers are indicated in the warranty card or in the service book, look in the box.

In order not to be puzzled by how to remember the pattern password on your phone, it is better to write it down somewhere in a safe place so that you can look at it at the right time. Also write down the rest of the combinations that you use so that you don’t have to look for ways to unlock the device in the future.