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What to do if you forgot your Apple ID password?


A personal identifier, abbreviated Id, is required to access data through a tablet or iPhone. To enter the network from personal devices, you just need to enter your login and code. But what if the user has forgotten the Apple Id password, how to recover it quickly and without the help of specialists.

Options for action

Any device stores a user ID. First of all, experts advise you to open the "Settings" subsection and go to one of the official stores (App Store or iTunes). If this device was used to enter a program, game or some site, then Id will be shown on the screen. If this does not help, it’s too early to be upset.

What to do if you forgot your Apple ID password?

Technical services always come up with several solutions on how to recover an Apple ID password.

  • answer a few questions (they are also called control);
  • send a request through the e-mail box used to create the account;
  • use two-step verification (if this option was activated before the password was lost).

Two stages of testing

In order to improve the data protection of iPhone owners, the company’s engineers have developed a simple but very effective way to find out the Apple Id password if the user has forgotten it. A two-step verification consists of the following steps.

If the verification key is not saved, then this method of reviving the device will not work.

How to recover Apple Id password using security questions?

If the user did not take care to activate two-step verification when purchasing the device, then you can try the option with security questions. How to recover Apple Id password using security questions? Correct answers to several questions will give you access to Apple Services.

In this case, the company’s specialists have developed the following algorithm of actions:

The vast majority of users are very nonchalant about asking security questions when opening an account. As a result, the right answers quickly disappear from memory. If the password has not yet been forgotten, it is better to take care of your nervous system in advance and update the control questions.

Help will be provided by e-mail

In the situation: what to do if you forgot your Apple ID password, you can try to refresh your memory using email. Creating an account in the system must be done with the participation of a specific email address. If you have access to the e-mail specified during registration, restoring the password will be easy and simple and will take no more than 10 minutes.

Watch the video on how to reset your Apple id password.

When the phone is locked, how to recover the Apple Id password?

Apple takes the information security of its customers very seriously. One type of protection is account blocking. Blocking can be imposed for various reasons. For example, several attempts to enter an incorrect password. Too frequent changes by the user of the data of their payment cards can be classified by specialists as suspicious activity. If a hacking attempt is suspected, the account is also blocked.

What to do if you forgot your Apple ID password?

How to recover Apple Id password when phone is locked? You can try to sync your devices with iTunes. The current iCloud search option can also help you reset your new passkey. In extreme cases, iPhones provide the ability to permanently delete all data using the recovery mode. This means a forced restart and a fresh installation of the system on the phone. The password will be new, the phone will be unlocked, but you will have to re-download and install all the necessary applications, remember all the contacts.

Although it is best in this situation to contact the technical support of the company. If the phone was purchased officially, all receipts are saved, then the removal of the ban on actions and password recovery will be easy and without unnecessary worries.

Apple Id is the name (login) of an inhabitant of the Apple world. Without it, performing all sorts of operations related to Apple is not available. It is extremely important to remember the name itself and the password for it. If the user has forgotten the login and password in Apple Id, he must memorize the steps necessary for recovery. To avoid unexpected blocking, remember to install anti-virus applications and do not allow access to the network on your devices under other people’s accounts.