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Where to find bluetooth on a laptop, and how to set it up on Windows 7?


Quite often, situations occur when the user cannot transfer the necessary information from his computer to other devices via the bluetooth function. Even turned on devices that are on the same table may not see each other. In this case, the user should dig in more detail for information on how to connect bluetooth on a Windows 7 laptop and in general where Bluetooth is on a laptop in Windows 7.

Where to find bluetooth on a laptop, and how to set it up on Windows 7?

Preparing and checking the device

When thinking about where to find bluetooth on a Windows 10 laptop or other operating system, first of all, the owner should check whether the equipment has such a function at all. You can get information through the technical instructions, stickers located on the case, computer packaging or online reviews of a particular model.

You will definitely need drivers and additional utilities in order for bluetooth to work on a laptop . You can find these on the CD that came with the purchase. If the disk was lost, then you will have to find the necessary software on the network. It is most likely that these are posted on the official website of the manufacturer.

You can find out if the necessary programs are installed on your computer by completing the following tasks:

  • simultaneously press "Start" and "R" on the keyboard;
  • in the window that opens after that, the user must write: mmc devmgmt.msc;
  • press "Enter" and select "Bluetooth" or "Radio module";
  • in the tab you can read the name of the adapter that is used.

Where to look for bluetooth in a laptop on Windows 7?

It is not difficult to find the desired option in the "seventh". The path to this function can be specified in several steps.

There you can activate the function or disable it if necessary.

Watch the video on how to quickly turn on bluetooth on Windows 7.

For those who are interested in where the bluetooth is located in a Windows 7 laptop, it will be useful to know that you can also turn on the function through the button on the keyboard. True, for different models the button may be different. Often this is combined with a Wi-Fi button. In most cases, it will have an antenna mark or a Bluetooth mark on it. Often the function is available thanks to the buttons: F5, F12, F10, F2. These can only be used in conjunction with the Fn key.

You won’t have to think long about where to find bluetooth on a Windows 7 laptop, immediately after installing the latest drivers. The option sign will appear in the lower right corner of the working panel – the system tray. If you hover over it in italics and click the right side of the mouse, then a separate menu will open. In it, you can turn on the function, and turn it off, and delete it, and revise the parameters.

How to set up and use the feature?

After the issue with where the bluetooth is turned on on Windows 7 in the laptop has already been resolved, you can try using data transfer.

Where to find bluetooth on a laptop, and how to set it up on Windows 7?

First you need to right-click on the Bluetooth icon in the tray. A menu will appear, and in it select the "Add device" item. The system automatically starts searching for available gadget options, and then displays a list of those that are in the access zone.

The user selects his gadget, headset, etc. and presses the active "Next" button. After that, you can act in accordance with the prompts that periodically appear on the monitor.

If you need other objects (for example, a tablet or smartphone) to be recognized by the computer, then you will have to make some settings:

Connecting two laptops via bluetooth

It does not take much time, effort and tools to connect bluetooth: a mouse for a laptop and two devices. As a rule, if drivers are installed on two computers, and the Bluetooth function is connected on both objects, they will automatically recognize each other and connect.

Where to find bluetooth on a laptop, and how to set it up on Windows 7?

If this does not happen, the user must manually enter the static code himself. In order to connect both computers, you need to follow a few steps:

Users who find it difficult to find bluetooth in their computer according to the described instructions and connect it can watch video guides with a clear visualization of such techniques.