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Which browser is the fastest and most functional?


In recent years, many experts and Internet users have been thinking about which browser is the fastest and most convenient. And they have plenty to choose from, because the list of existing ones ranges from a hundred, and there are about five popular ones.

Internet Explorer is one of the most widely used web browsers in the world. It is distinguished by its convenience and, of course, the speed of loading Internet pages. However, many shortcomings that were identified in it by surfers on the global network forced it to recede into the background. But for some time now, a new version of Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 has entered the market.

Internet Explorer 9 is not friendly with Windows XP

Many users noted the progressiveness of this browser compared to older versions. Most of them, for this reason, returned to its use again. But those who have Windows XP installed are faced with the problem of its incompatibility with this most popular operating system. Therefore, most adherents of Microsoft products had to switch to alternative web browsers.

The inconvenience of installing Internet Explorer is that it requires a restart of the computer, other types of browsers do not require this. However, the download speed of Internet pages in the described is quite high. And if it happens that the network resource is loading for a very long time, then IE9 will report that it is preventing it from doing this faster, and will offer to disable some components. This could be compared to Mozilla Firefox.

IE9 is the perfect web browser for Windows 7

Considering the IE9 described above, it is safe to say which browser is the fastest for windows 7. After all, it is fully integrated into this system and allows you to load sites in high-speed mode. Internet Explorer 9 also has an express panel that allows you to access the resources of the network that are most frequently visited, without having to type their names in the top line of the browser every time. This is very convenient, the same function is available in the previously announced Mozilla Firefox.

In all tests of organizations, IE9 leads in its functionality and loading speed of WAN resources. However, those Internet users who were not too lazy and compared browsers on their own found that Internet Explorer 9 is not as good as it is described by the media, because it has a lot of flaws. However, due to the fact that Windows 7 has become the most popular in the US, then Internet Explorer 9 has gained its fans, who consider it a full-fledged web browser.

Experts say Google Chrome is the best

Which browser is the fastest and most functional?Almost all experiments of specialists with testing various browsers ended with the recognition of Google Chrome as one of the best web surfers. It is multifunctional, it has very simple and accessible settings that allow you to perform the necessary actions without digging into the description. Everything is done on a professional and simple level, which is very important for quick orientation when visiting the global network on a daily basis.

And most importantly, it is the ability to quickly load pages, which is carried out almost instantly. Google Chrome is quite reliable, does not allow you to automatically install various toolbars and add-ons. In addition, its start page is Google, which finds the most relevant sites for any query.

Recommended web browsers compatible with Windows XP

You can experimentally establish which browser is the fastest for windows xp. This is described in the previous paragraphs of Google Chrome. The longest period of loading network resources in it is about two seconds. Mozilla Firefox is slightly slower, between three and five seconds. Opera can load the site up to ten seconds, which is quite inconvenient. However, despite the fact that Chrome shows great results, there are those who claim that Mozila Firefox 3.61 is the most optimal browser for this operating system.

Everything in the named browser revolves around the user. Safari developers focused on the usability of their product and were able to achieve good results in this.

For example, tabs can be easily swapped, pinned, reduced or enlarged, which makes browsing the Internet the most convenient and easy. A big plus of this browser is that it has a pop-up blocker installed by default. This means that the user does not need to look for this function in the settings to get rid of spam on the web resource pages. JavaScript, which slows down Google Chrome a little, is processed instantly in Safari, which again makes the latter the most convenient.

Criteria affecting browser functionality

Looking through a long list of existing web surfers, you understand that it is quite difficult to choose the most functional among them, but if you focus on certain characteristics and qualities, you can choose the most optimal one for yourself.

  • The main thing that affects the operation of a particular web browser is the operating system that is installed on the computer. If it is not compatible with it, then there is no need to talk about any Internet surfing.
  • Determining for yourself which browser is the fastest and most convenient, you need to pay attention to the second point – the speed of the Internet connection. Many netizens note that with various types of connection, the fastest one sometimes turns out to be the one that, according to the tests of specialists, took the last place in the rating.
  • Also, the speed of loading sites is affected by the settings and the number of various add-ons that are provided for individual browsers. Therefore, it is important not to overload them with unnecessary and unused plugins. An abundance of bookmarks and a cluttered cache can also contribute to slowing down the loading of Internet pages, so the first ones should be “cleaned" from time to time.

The best web browser according to users

  1. According to the reviews of most users of the global network, Mozilla Firefox is the best of the browsers. It is compatible with Windows XP and Windows 7. At the same time, it loads very quickly, it has a quick launch bar, which presents thumbnails of the most frequently visited sites. And its interface is understandable even for a beginner. For this web surfer, there are a huge number of plugins that can make it easier to surf the Internet.
  2. In second place is Google Chrome. Despite its convenience, compatibility with some operating systems, as well as good download speed, it still “slows down” more often than the browser mentioned above. In addition, his settings very often fly off, which is very unnerving and forces him to set it up again.
  3. Opera is far behind the two web browsers presented above due to the fact that it is not very common and, as practice shows, is an unfinished web surfing tool. It works slowly, making visiting sites a real test for the nervous system.
  4. Safari is also a little-known browser that is used by lovers of "flavors" from manufacturers of high-quality products. However, it is not compatible with all operating systems, so it can be slow.
  5. Internet Explorer is the most common web browser due to the fact that it is integrated into the Windows system. However, despite this fact, it only ranks fifth in the opinion of Internet users. This web surfer is slow and crashes periodically.
  6. Little-known browsers like Lynx, Mosaic, and Netscape Navigator have also found their fans, but they are in the minority. Therefore, reviews about them are almost impossible to find.

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