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Which is better to buy a navigator. Choosing a GPS Assistant


A good thing is a car navigator. This electronic device will allow you to correctly navigate the terrain, indicate traffic jams and tell you how to get around them. The navigator receives a signal from satellites, analyzes it and shows your location on the map from the screen. And when you enter the starting point and destination of your movement, it will lay the best route, that is, it will save time and gasoline. And this machine will control the speed of your car and compliance with traffic rules.

What should you pay attention to when choosing, and which is better to buy a navigator?

The navigator should be selected taking into account:

  • navigation program;
  • technical characteristics of the device;
  • monitor screen size
  • power supply;
  • external interface.


Choosing a navigator for your car should begin with a navigation program. The chosen navigation option will directly depend on which maps we will have to work with on the way. That is, having chosen the model of the navigator, we will need to load the selected maps into it with the help of a program designed for this purpose.

The choice of a navigation program should be stopped at such programs as Garmin, Avtosputnik, Navigator, Navitel, CityGuide and so on. Just do not confuse the navigation program with the brand of the navigator itself.


You can, of course, stop your attention on the amount of memory of the navigator or the frequency of the processor. If you are more interested in its entertainment features. However, to use the autonavigator according to its main function – indicating your location and plotting a route – these parameters are not decisive.

Screen size

This parameter is also important. A small screen is inconvenient, since the image on it will be small, a “TV" is also useless, but a 4.3 or 5-inch screen is just right.

Power Supply

It is better if the battery is typical, as in a cell phone. Then it will be easy to replace.

Front end

It should be understandable to the average user. There are navigators with only two buttons. I pressed – and I saw my location, I pressed – I laid out a route for myself.

When buying a navigator, you should not chase after additional features: FM transmitters, built-in TVs and other paraphernalia. The more sophisticated the navigator, the more expensive and more difficult it is to use. In addition, it will distract from the road. And the simpler the device, the clearer and easier it is to use.

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