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Which smartphone to choose, how to choose a good inexpensive model and what is important to consider


New smartphone models appear almost every day. Therefore, it is so difficult to decide which smartphone to choose. After all, it is necessary that it not only meets all the requirements, is reliable and convenient, but also simply likes its owner.

How to choose a smartphone and what parameters to consider

Before choosing a smartphone, you need to decide on the requirements that the gadget must meet. What to pay attention to first of all?

  1. Operating system. Today there are 3 main and several unpopular operating systems.
  2. Specifications. This includes display characteristics that are so important for many, the platform on which the device operates, etc.
  3. multimedia capabilities. This is what a smartphone can do, what distinguishes a smartphone from a telephone.
  4. Other not so important characteristics. This can include everything related to the appearance and those fashionable “chips" that you can show off to your friends, but get almost no real benefit from them.

When compiling a list of requirements for a smartphone, you need to arrange them in order of importance. You can even write this list on paper and go with it for the gadget.

Which smartphone to choose, how to choose a good inexpensive model and what is important to consider

Operating system

In Russia today, most smartphones operate on the following operating systems:

  • Android (the most popular OS in the world),
  • Windows Phone от Microsoft,
  • iOS (OS only for Apple iPhone).

Android OS is now installed on most devices, and many understand why it is so popular. First of all, it has a user-friendly interface, a wide variety of settings and applications, and it also leaves room for experimentation thanks to its open source.

The owners of smartphones with Windows Phone OS almost unanimously say that this system is a very high-quality product, it is stable in operation and “responsive” (freezes quite rarely). At the same time, Windows Phone has quite a lot of applications, but in this aspect it constantly competes with Android. However, many, thinking about which smartphone is better to choose, prefer other operating systems, as they consider the Windows Phone interface to be extremely inconvenient.

It is impossible to talk about iOS in isolation from iPhones, since this OS is installed only on them. This system is difficult to compare with the previous two and can be said like this: those who certainly want to be the owner of the iPhone simply do not have to choose, they buy a smartphone and master iOS. In general, it is considered quite convenient and affordable.

Which smartphone to choose, how to choose a good inexpensive model and what is important to consider


Having decided on the operating system, you can proceed to the choice of technical characteristics:

  1. Screen. The diagonal of 4-6 inches is considered optimal. Anything more is already, as a rule, hybrids of a smartphone and a tablet. The quality of the display depends on such an indicator as PPI (number of pixels per inch). The higher this number, the better the image on the screen will be.
  2. Performance. This parameter determines how quickly applications will start and work. Here you need to pay attention to the amount of memory, the clock frequency of the processor and the number of cores. Smartphones with a 2-core processor belong to the budget segment. And for those who want more, you should look at models with a 4-core or more processor.
  3. multimedia capabilities. Their set is approximately the same for both expensive and more modest gadgets. It is unlikely that now you can find a device, for example, without a camera. Another thing is that the number of megapixels it can have is different. To take fairly high-quality pictures, an 8 megapixel camera is enough. Otherwise, you can rely on what you need: a built-in voice recorder, a player (you need to pay attention to what formats it supports), an equalizer for sound settings, etc.
  4. Special "chips". They are not always useful, but many people like to experiment with them. These include the ability of some smartphones to take pictures at the same time with the front and main cameras, control the gadget without touching it, turn on the camera by simply shaking the smartphone (some Motorola models have it).

How important this or that parameter is, everyone decides for himself, but it is necessary to pay attention to all these indicators.

Which smartphone to choose, how to choose a good inexpensive model and what is important to consider

How to choose a good used smartphone

Smartphones are one of the few products that get cheaper rather than more expensive. And if yesterday some model cost several tens of thousands, then in a couple of weeks it can be bought at a price 2-3 times less. So how do you choose a good smartphone that someone has already used?

  1. Don’t buy big discounts. The flagship model at the stock price will only be sold with some severe flaw.
  2. It is necessary to inspect the device from all sides – if there is a crack on the case, or even more so on the screen, then it is better to refuse to buy.
  3. Defective pixels. Burnt dots in a solid color image don’t mean the sensor won’t work, but they can get on your nerves.
  4. Speakers. It is because of their malfunction that smartphones are often bought up, so you should definitely check the sound.
  5. Connectors. To make sure that they are in good condition, you must definitely grab a USB cable and headphones with you to the store.

If it is known that the smartphone has already been used, then it makes no sense to require documents and a box with a serial number. Therefore, there is always a risk of buying a "gray" gadget, and this cannot be avoided.

Which smartphone to choose, how to choose a good inexpensive model and what is important to consider

Which inexpensive smartphone to choose

To become a happy owner of a good, high-quality gadget, it is not at all necessary to buy an expensive flagship. You can choose an inexpensive smartphone that is functionally no worse than a device worth several tens of thousands of rubles.

Which models from the inexpensive segment will be in the top five?

  1. LG L90. LG smartphones are among the most popular today. This model runs on Android 4.4.2; her screen is quite large – 4.7 inches; main camera – 8 megapixels, front – 1.3 megapixels; battery capacity – 2540 mAh. In addition, LG L90 supports two SIM cards.
  2. ASUS Zenfone 5. This model is available in different colors and is very popular with girls. Large screen – 5 inches; OS – Android 4.3; main camera – 8 megapixels, front – 2 megapixels. Users note high performance, but at the same time, the case seems to many to be very fragile.
  3. Nokia Lumia 630. Device for fans of Windows Phone OS. The screen is somewhat smaller compared to previous gadgets (4.5 inches); a modest camera – only 5 megapixels, everyone notes the large battery capacity.
  4. Nokia Lumia 520. An even simpler gadget than the previous ones. OS – Windows Phone; screen diagonal – 4 inches, but a good matrix; one camera – 5 megapixels. Those who use such a smartphone say that they like the speed, design and sound quality most of all.
  5. Alcatel Idol 2. A simple but functional smartphone on Android 4.2. Many are attracted by its design – it is a thin device with elegantly rounded corners. Screen diagonal – 5 inches; There are 2 cameras: the main one is 8 megapixels, the front one is 2 megapixels. There is one feature: Alcatel Idol 2 can either support 2 SIM cards, but without a memory card, or work with 1 SIM card and a memory card.

All these models belong to the price category up to 10,000 rubles. And despite the fact that they are already considered outdated (they are all 1-2 years old), they look quite modern and stylish.

Choosing a gadget, be it a smartphone, e-reader, tablet or something else, is not so easy. But if you know exactly what you want, it can be done pretty quickly. The most important thing is not to prioritize some criterion, which, in fact, is not so important.

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