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Who are fantasy trolls and how are they different from Internet trolls?


Understanding the meaning of the word "troll" is extremely difficult. After all, it is also found on numerous Internet forums, usually in combination with the word "trolling", and in fantasy literature and cinema, and in computer games, and even in children’s fairy tales and Scandinavian myths and legends.

mythical trolls

The concept of "troll" originally originated in ancient Scandinavian mythology. They were depicted there in a variety of ways. Could be small or large (although large is much more common), but always quite ugly. Their main feature is their oversized noses. They live in the rocks, according to some legends, they are even generated by a stone.

Mythical trolls cannot be in the sun, they live mainly in the mountains. They possess witchcraft, due to which they are able to change in size. Meat serves as food for them, including they do not disdain human flesh.

But who are the trolls in fairy tales? In children’s literature, these creatures are most often portrayed as quite small and even kind. A striking example of such a non-standard view is the famous Moomin book series written by Tove Janson, a Finnish writer.

Separately, it is also worth mentioning the so-called trolls under the bridge. These creatures have little in common with their mountain counterparts. According to legend, they build a bridge under which they live, charging a fee for crossing it. They do not eat people, and if the bridge is destroyed, they die.

Who are fantasy trolls and how are they different from Internet trolls?

Trolls in games and cinema

Who are trolls in the understanding of most modern people? Most often today, these creatures are represented as John Tolkien described them in his book The Hobbit. There they are presented only as stupid, hostile creatures devouring people. If before sunrise they do not have time to hide, then from the first ray of light that hits them they turn to stone.

Popular computer games like Warcraft, Dungeons & Dragons, Gothic, and many others also feature trolls. Most often these are evil, hostile creatures. Sometimes it is possible to play for these characters.

Internet trolls

The scourge of most modern social networks and forums is Internet trolls. But who are trolls on the Internet and how to deal with them? First of all, an Internet troll is a person engaged in trolling. Trolling is a simple bullying of participants in a particular discussion, provoking conflicts from scratch.

Who are fantasy trolls and how are they different from Internet trolls?

Internet trolls usually don’t care what they’re talking about. He can understand absolutely nothing in this topic, be completely illiterate and a very narrow-minded person. His only goal is to attract as much attention as possible to himself, to cause anger and irritation in his opponent.

Provoking such Internet trolls is usually the most stupid way. For example, using banal insults, obscene expressions or other provocative phrases. It is completely useless to enter into a discussion with such an individual. No matter how reasonable your arguments may be, his goal is a banal mockery and thus increasing his own extremely low self-esteem.

When it comes to trolling on the Internet, psychologists recommend only one thing – to completely ignore them. After all, like their mythical namesakes, they live only as long as they are remembered and spoken about. But it’s worth completely forgetting about them, and they, realizing that they won’t be able to piss anyone off here, in the end, will leave you alone, going in search of a new victim.