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Why are iPhone images always 9:42 or 9:41?


Many of us, when watching iPhone commercials, don’t notice that the same 9:42 numbers always repeat on the screen. What are these numbers, do they carry any informational value or is it a random choice of Apple specialists.

Why are iPhone images always 9:42 or 9:41?

Expert opinion John Manning

For the first time, the main developer of a huge company called Secret Lab, John Manning, spoke about this feature. John spent a couple of hours trying to solve this riddle. In his research, he used the following operations:

But, all these studies did not end with a huge success. As a result, he came to the conclusion that there is no true logical explanation for this meaning. But when Apple introduced the new iPad in January, and it had slightly different numbers on the screen, he changed his mind.

In the end, he solved this mysterious riddle very simply and by accident. John stopped by the Apple store in Palo Alto, where he met campaign vice president Scott Forstple. He wanted to go up to him and say hello, but on his way, John noticed one strange thing. The thing is that all iPhone ads indicate the time 9:42. No one was able to accurately identify the reason for setting this particular time, but many shared their mysteries. John was interested in another point, the fact is that on the iPad screen he saw slightly different numbers 9:41. He wanted to immediately know the exact answer, and he immediately approached Scott, who demonstrated and described the new device to customers.

Watch the video to learn why Apple always timestamps 9:42 and 9:41 in its images.

John immediately got down to business, he was so worried about this issue that he did not pay attention to other people. Their conversation began with John asking why the screens on the device always showed 9:42. As soon as Scott heard this question, he laughed out loud and asked if he really wanted to know the real reason for this choice. John, in turn, with all his appearance showed that the level of his curiosity rolls over. Scott’s answer, of course, surprised him, the whole point is that during the preparation of the main report, the employees try to make sure that the main announcement of the presented equipment is about forty minutes into the presentation. They try to make sure that by the time the device with the picture on the screen beats close to the time on the clock that hangs in the hall. But, they cannot be completely sure

Scott went on to explain that during the presentation of the iPhone, they managed to invest in exactly 42 minutes. And when it came time to showcase the new iPad, they decided to pass the time by just one minute. John was so surprised by the news that the developers simply chose the right number for the presentation, and then used it in keynotes and advertising campaigns.

Why are iPhone images always 9:42 or 9:41?

Features of Apple technology

This campaign received love and worldwide recognition for a reason. Developers and founders had to spend many years to achieve a positive attitude from society and consumers. The characteristic advantages of the devices that the campaign produces include:

  • equipping with a fast operating system;
  • the presence of many valuable and unique applications;
  • high image quality;
  • unique design.

Reliability and high quality have become an integral part of all Apple products. This is the only company in the whole world that develops and maintains the software of its equipment itself.

The complex meaning of time on Apple products

More recently, or rather on January 9, 2007 at exactly 9 am, Steve Jobs spoke from the stage of the Macworld Conference & Expo. Literally 35 minutes after the start of his speech, he told his listeners that he had been waiting for this moment for more than two years. And as soon as the time on the clock is 9:42, he will enchantingly present the iPhone to everyone. Simply put, the times shown on all promotional items are the exact time the device was announced to the general public.

Another little secret lurks in the iPhone calendar. So, the fact is that many are interested in the question of why the calendar in the advertisement and on the box indicate the 9th of Tuesday. This situation is also very simply explained, the whole point is that the device was presented to the public on January 9, 2007, and this, oddly enough, was exactly Tuesday and this presentation took place at exactly 9:42 in the morning.

What makes Apple products different from other global technology manufacturers

In the process of studying the manufactured equipment from Apple, many interesting facts arise that are very different from other campaigns that also produce computer equipment. And the main feature of this campaign can be called with certainty that it has developed its own proprietary operating system called MacOS, there are no such systems in the whole world. Experts call the advantage of this unique system ease of use and high-quality functionality.

And also, it should be said that the operational life of this product is almost unlimited. Therefore, if a person uses the equipment carefully, then he will never need repairs. Well, if the integrity of the device has been damaged, then the service services can be quite expensive, since only original parts are used to fully restore the equipment.

Why are iPhone images always 9:42 or 9:41?

Some of the salient features of this technique include:

The unique style of the device will create a unique image for its owner, which speaks of the wealth of a person. Apple is a well-known campaign that pleases its customers with high-quality and reliable technology. So, the price of such equipment is measured not in hundreds, but in thousands of dollars. Undoubtedly, such a price is a trifle for a big businessman. But, for another person, the desire to own such equipment will remain only a dream. It is better to buy such equipment at official dealerships in order to exclude the possibility of acquiring a low-quality fake, for the repair of which you will have to spend a considerable amount of money in the future.