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Why do you need a tablet? Pros and cons of tablet computers


In a world of technical abundance, it is strange to hear the question: “Why do we need a tablet?" It used to be that our grandfathers laughed at the new features in mobile phones: “The phone is needed for communication, and not to play with toys!”. Now it is difficult to imagine a person who is looking for a phone exclusively for audio communication. It is even more difficult to find a mobile device that provides only this single function. Something similar is happening before our eyes and with computers.

What is a tablet computer?

The first ENIAC computer occupied several rooms, weighed more than 25 tons and was capable of only some calculations. In the 60 years since its construction, there have been dramatic changes in technology. The advent of a new generation of electronic devices has made it possible to create truly small computers. It became possible to place personal computers on an ordinary desk. But the designers did not stop there.

Today, almost every home has high-speed powerful computers that include a system unit, a monitor, and a keyboard in their structure. Much less space is occupied by laptops, resembling a clamshell case with a monitor on one side and a keyboard on the other. They are slightly inferior to their "composite" counterparts in terms of memory capacity and speed, but they are much more mobile. The requirement for maximum mobility of the means to access the Internet has led to the emergence of very small "cases" – netbooks.

Why do you need a tablet? Pros and cons of tablet computersIn parallel with the decrease in computers, there was an increase in mobile phones, courageously taking over the functions of communication with the World Wide Web. However, such a "growth" of phones did not cause much pleasure, after all, "the phone is needed for communication, and not to play with toys." And it’s inconvenient to play toys on the phone, the screen is too small.

This is where the tablet comes in. The urgent need for a small device with a fairly large screen sweeps aside all questions.

Most of all, a tablet computer is similar to a netbook without a keyboard. But the availability of the latest operating systems makes it almost painless to do without the usual keys.

Advantages of the new device

To enhance the effect of euphoria from the appearance of such an interesting device, its positive aspects should be noted, explaining why a tablet is needed:

  • Flat, fits in a regular handbag;
  • Powerful, allows you to quickly access the Internet;
  • A simple interface provides the comfort of control with light finger touches or a stylus;
  • Can watch movies or play in any situation;
  • The presence of a 3G modem allows you to keep in touch with the Internet everywhere;
  • Cheap compared to a laptop.

The tablet will be a good replacement for an expensive computer if purchased for gaming battles, reading books, accessing social networks, watching movies, news or e-mail. For professional purposes, it is convenient to use it for mini-presentations: put together compelling files and show them to colleagues and partners right in the middle of a conversation.

Stylish modern thing – the tablet computer gives a delightful feeling of movement in step with the times. A small technical novelty allows you to be almost omnipotent anywhere – after all, whoever has the information actually rules the world.

Tablet Disadvantages

If you are ready to run to the store for a tablet, take your time. There is another approach to this device. Think about why you personally need a tablet computer. It is the intended purpose that can reveal the shortcomings of this device.

So, if your need to buy is dictated by the desire to write from anywhere, then a tablet is not the best choice. The habit of pressing keys, especially when typing blindly, will interfere with the work on the touch keyboard.

If you intend to use the tablet only to read literature and magazines, then get a better e-book. Its electronic ink is absolutely harmless to the eyes, which cannot be said about the luminous screen of the tablet.

If you are a tough gamer, then it is unlikely that the tablet will allow you to turn around. Games on it are possible only the most simple.

For serious work in the field of processing photos or drawings, the tablet is also not suitable.

Finally, size. Perhaps a pocket communicator will be more convenient for you than a flat and wide tablet. You can’t put it in your pocket.

A little cold shower from this section will allow you to treat tablets more objectively.

Compare operating systems

Modern tablets compete mainly with their operating systems. Today, the most significant are Apple iOS and Google Android.

Why do you need a tablet? Pros and cons of tablet computers

The absolute leadership of Apple is beyond doubt. Her iPad is the perfect internet tablet, the joy of owning which is marred only by its price. Another relative disadvantage of iPads is their disloyalty to Adobe Flash.

According to experienced users, Apple’s fundamental rejection of Adobe Flash technology is somewhat inconvenient. After all, even frequent advertising windows that “pop up” in the search can carry useful information. However, Apple devices do not read these windows; instead, iPad users see empty frames.

At the same time, three-quarters of all video on the Internet is shown through Flash, and only a part of it is available in other technologies. Widespread flash games are also not possible on Apple tablets.

Android tablets do not have this problem. There are quite a few options for devices with Android OS. All of them with varying degrees of technical saturation. The Samsung GalaxyTab10.1 tablet, for example, has a built-in 3G modem that allows you to connect to the Internet by simply inserting a paid SIM card. The Asus Transformer model has a detachable keyboard: one click and you can use your tablet as a netbook.

"Apple" technologies are very convenient for games and multimedia viewing. High speed and excellent quality are the advantages of iPads. Android OS is great for communications, active communication and quick response to touch commands allows it to be used for professional purposes.

What is in the tablet?

For a good purchase, you need to consider the capabilities of the models.

Speed ​​and functionality are determined by the amount of RAM, ease of use – by the amount of built-in and supported external memory. It is clear that it is more profitable to purchase models with high performance.

It is worth paying attention to the battery capacity. The larger the screen, the higher the capacitance should be. This will allow you to communicate with the tablet for longer offline.

The screen itself in different models may vary in quality. Many manufacturers indicate that the screen produces an excellent image even in direct sunlight. It is up to the buyer to decide how much this is necessary, but the price for such models is higher.

It is very convenient to have different connectors. This allows you to connect different peripherals.

A good tone is to equip tablets with a built-in 3G modem, GPS, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

And, of course, appearance is important. Devices that are ultra-thin or have unique outlines give their owner features of high status. It is worth noting that the beautiful glossy cases are very insidious: when used, any prints remain on the surface and are difficult to remove.

Change! We are waiting for changes

If you answered yes to the question why you need a tablet, and you have chosen a model to your liking, then it remains to “persuade” your wallet. Many users recognize the value of small and handy tablets, but immediately change their attitude to them, learning about their cost. Indeed, if you are on a tight budget, then save up for a laptop or limit yourself to your mobile phone.

There is good news: the global trend is that there is a gradual decline in prices for new electronics. More and more manufacturers are getting into this game. And this means that we all have a real chance to purchase this device at an adequate cost. Change, gentlemen marketers! Buyers are waiting for their tablets! Reduce prices!