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Why is it recommended to use a vertical autoclave?


Autoclaves are special devices that allow various processes to be carried out under artificially created conditions of increased heating in combination with pressure (or without it). The first analogues were designed back in the 17th century and were initially used exclusively in industry, chemical laboratories and medicine (for example, when sterilizing an instrument).

Apparatuses are made in various design options: oscillating, columnar, rotating, horizontal and vertical. The vertical autoclave has become widespread in the food industry, for which units of various volumes, operating principles and designs are produced. This device allows you to sterilize food, drinks and semi-finished products in any container (glass, tin, plastic). According to the latest data, more than one and a half million autoclaves operate in the world only in the food industry.

The vertical autoclave ensures food preparation by preventing the escape of air, steam or formed liquids. An increased pressure is created inside the device, which prevents water from boiling even when it reaches a temperature of 100 degrees. At the same time, cooking is several times faster (cabbage can be boiled in a minute, a three-kilogram chicken in twenty). All vitamins and nutrients contained in the products are preserved.

Steamers, as autoclaves are sometimes called, allow you to prepare diet meals. The high temperature steam makes it possible to cook without using salt, to minimize additives in the dish in the form of sugar, oils, flavorings, etc. At the same time, steamed products have a pleasant natural taste, they retain nutrition, saturation with moisture, minerals and vitamins. Such food is devoid of excess fat, in contrast to the traditional method of cooking, where oil is almost always added to the products’ own fats.

The autoclave effectively disinfects products. Microtoxins from mold fungus, which are formed in products that have not undergone sterilization, are very harmful to the body, and can lead to poisoning. In the case of using a double boiler, the products are perfectly sterilized and retain their freshness and suitability for consumption much longer.

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