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Why the computer does not see the phone and how to fix it?


Sooner or later, people are faced with the fact that the computer does not see the phone, but charging is in progress. In the event of a similar situation, many could mistakenly think about the malfunction of one of the devices. But what could it be, what could be the reason for the lack of pairing of devices? Is it really necessary to be a techno-geek or be able to understand complex microcircuits in order to know the reason?

Why the computer does not see the phone and how to fix it?

What to do if the computer does not see the phone via usb, but it is charging

If you have a situation where the computer does not see the android phone via usb and charging is in progress, then many experts recommend doing the following:

You should not forget that if the laptop does not see the USB phone, you need to make sure that it sees other storage media at all. So, if flash drives are not connected to it, then in order to fix the problems you will need to perform a series of actions:

If you still couldn’t fix the problem, use the instruction “The computer does not see the USB flash drive". When the laptop does not see the bluetooth phone, special recommendations should also be followed.

Watch the video on why the PC does not see the phone and how to fix it.

Reasons that the computer does not see the phone and does not charge

If you are trying to understand why the computer does not see the phone via usb, you first need to find the reason that caused such a failure. Experts identify a number of such reasons:

  • a commonplace reason may be the lack of drivers for the mobile device themselves. As a rule, standard drivers are suitable for telephone devices, which are initially built into the operating system. But, if you do not have it, then you will need to install it on your computer;
  • failure in basic settings. Experts still do not know what this may be connected with. To restore them, as an option, you can reset all settings that you will need to restore on your own in the future. In principle, you can use the service menu to restore them. To enter it, you need to dial a special number on the keyboard. To find out this number, go to the official website of the manufacturer of your mobile device;
  • quite rare, but still such a problem occurs as a result of installing custom firmware on a portable device. The best solution to this situation would be to roll back to the original firmware. And also, you can restore it from a backup. But, keep in mind that in this case there is a possibility of a violation in the operation of some other module.

Why the computer does not see the phone and how to fix it?

And also, you should not forget about the presence of possible viruses on the device. So, viruses may well provoke such a failure. To search for viruses, it is best to use a special anti-virus program, which will successfully eliminate them in the future. There may also be situations when the computer does not see the phone for firmware, there are also a number of recommendations to solve such a problem.

Software malfunctions

Among the main reasons that can provoke the fact that the laptop does not see the phone via USB, software failures should be attributed. In particular, such as:

  • connectors are powered off. To solve this problem, go to the PC Control Panel, if you have Windows 7 installed, then click on "Power Options", then click on "Change power settings", then look for "USB settings" and prohibit stopping the port functionality. As for other operating systems, the actions are basically the same, the difference can only be in the name of the items;
  • OS problems. Similar problems arise due to software failures in the OS of the computer itself. In this case, you will need to reinstall Windows to a more reliable model;
  • new versions of operating systems. Don’t forget that the new Windows 10 won’t open files on devices that attach to it. So, in this situation, you can’t do without additional installation of a special program. Keep in mind that such programs are best downloaded and installed on your PC from official sites.

Why the computer does not see the phone and how to fix it?

If you are not confident in your own abilities, then, as an option, you can contact specialists who work in specialized service centers. So, within the minimum time they will be able to establish the true cause of the problem, and also quickly eliminate it.

Other File Transfer Options

If you are faced with the fact that the computer does not see the phone and tablet, but you still need to send information, then you can use several methods:

  • try to synchronize by using cloud storages such as OneDrive, Dropbox;
  • take advantage of the capabilities of a program such as AirDroid. This will be the most convenient solution for people who are not very versed in such a technique;
  • alternatively, you can create an FTP on your phone or tablet.

Thus, in case of a similar problem, you can safely use one of the above methods.