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You have a problem accessing the modem’s web interface, what should you do?!


Let’s look at the possible reasons:

1 First of all, we check whether the modem itself is turned on, whether the network (LAN) cable is connected to the modem and to the computer.

2 The simplest option – the network card is turned off (or is faulty). And although this is the most “stupid" reason, it occurs very, very often.

Go to Control Panel -> Network Connections and see if the network card is active. If it is not active – its icon is gray – you need to activate it by right-clicking on it and selecting "Enable (activate)". 

If the modem is powered on, a known-good network cord is connected to the modem, and there is a cross on the connection itself, or the system displays the message "network cable is not connected", then the problem is most likely in the network itself.

3 Check the network card settings. 

There are two options here: 

  • the first is to launch the Windows command line and type ipconfig / all in it
  • the second option – go to Control Panel -> Network Connections, look for Local Area Connection to which the modem is connected. Next, right-click on it and select Status.

In our case, the IP address is "Manually configured". This means that the computer address, netmask and gateway ( are specified in the network card settings.

If the network is configured to automatically obtain an IP address, then the status will display "Address Type: Obtain automatically", and in the fields IP address and gateway we will see our current address and the address of the modem (gateway). 

Pay attention to the IP address itself. It must be on the network 192.168.X.X, or 10.XXX, or 172.16.XX If an address of the form 169.XXX is assigned, then DHCP is not activated on the modem and the IP address must be entered manually. 

The second point is that sometimes the modem address, in order to avoid problems on the network, is changed from the standard to In this case, of course, the computer address must be on the same subnet.

Tip: check the connection with the modem with the ping test command.

The modem should ping freely. If the IP addresses are correct, but the modem does not respond, move on.

4 Access is blocked by the firewall (firewall). In this case, there is only one advice – disconnect from the Internet, disable the security system completely (with unloading the service) and check access to the modem’s Web interface. I’ll make a reservation right away that in some cases only a complete uninstallation of the security system helped, because. the rules were all spelled out correctly, but the system still did not let through.

5 Perhaps the most common problem is the browser. It can be infected with a virus (and in this case only a full check of the system with an antivirus with the latest databases will help), or the Proxy service can be registered in the browser settings – it must be disabled. Just as an option, you can install any other alternative browser – for example, Firefox – and try to exit from it.

In principle, these are the most common problems associated with accessing the modem’s Web interface. Sometimes, after completing all the procedures, you still can’t log into the modem. Most often this happens after a good cleaning of the system with Anti-Virus. 

Unfortunately, in this case, only a complete reinstallation of the system often helps.

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