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And something is eternal. 9 PC games you can play endlessly


How often do you scroll through the library of PC games in search of something new and still play the old but favorite game? Some gamers realize the responsibility they have when a new release hits the market. You will most likely have to spend several hours deciding whether you like a new game or not. However, we still want to emphasize that playing the same game for ages is completely normal. PC games easily stand the test of time and are more durable than their console counterparts – you can, for example, add mods to improve your gaming experience. The games below remain timeless and will keep you entertained for hundreds of thousands of hours.

Build your own world

Microsoft Minecraft

Can you name at least one other game with such constantly enduring popularity as Minecraft? This is an insanely addictive game in which a world full of possibilities awaits you – you can play every day, bringing your most creative ideas to life. The randomly generated worlds to explore are perfectly combined with the survival mode where you have to build shelters, craft items and defend yourself from monsters. In various builds of Minecraft, you will find even more options available: for example, it is possible to play with friends online or even locally, sitting at home on the same couch.

Some multiplayer servers boast unexpected twists in the game’s plot and its lyrical content. The passage of new versions of Minecraft attracts the attention of millions of YouTubers. For more than a decade, the game has continued to evolve, but its exclusivity remains in that it gives players the chance to be who they want to be.

One more move and that’s it

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI

Many adults remember the old original version of this game. Civilization II was the first in the popular turn-based strategy series followed by millions of gamers year after year. The mantra ” one more move and that’s it " has led many students to study at night. And it didn’t matter at all that it could significantly affect academic performance at the university.

Excitingly ruling a young civilization through scientific research, improving the living standards of settlements, making geographical discoveries, and starting endless wars over the centuries in the struggle for domination of the globe seems incredibly exciting. Over the years, the game has changed a lot and has become many times more interesting. It’s worth noting that the latest release, Civilization VI, is just as dangerously addictive as its predecessors. You can spend weeks of your life developing your chosen nation, but the magic of the game is how quickly the pain of defeat grows into motivation to fight on. You always want to try again – with even greater confidence to win.



And something is eternal. 9 PC games you can play endlessly

It’s easy to be God

The Sims 4

A truly endless game, The Sims series is like no other. Engage in the construction of buildings and the creation of original items, customize characters and control them – feel like a Greek god on Mount Olympus, from time to time clicking on the map and prodding your subjects to various actions to see how they react to it. Whether you want to create a happy family where adults have successful careers and live in a heavenly neighborhood of the city, or instigate a little drama and indulge in some weirder fantasies, it’s up to you.

The series has lost some of its charm by becoming more censored and commercial (with some restrictions on your dark impulses and endless expansion packs), but you can still lose track of time playing it all day long. Mods help to freshen up the gameplay by adding some zest to the story and giving the player the opportunity to choose the appropriate pace of the game.



And something is eternal. 9 PC games you can play endlessly

Create colonies in space


Even after spending 700 hours in Rimworld, you may feel like you still don’t know much. Each quest unlocks previously unknown story elements and gives you the opportunity to try out new strategies. Building a successful colony can be tricky when you control a motley crew of shipwrecked survivors on an alien and sometimes incredibly hostile planet. Space pirates, giant insects and unbearable weather test your resilience.

Play as intended – do not turn off the death mode, and your hard-won victories will seem like a real heavenly pleasure, for which, of course, sometimes innocent lives have to be sacrificed. Simple 2D graphics and a top-down view do not interfere with the storytelling in the game – plot twists can move the player to tears. There are countless mods and tons of new content in the Royalty and Ideology expansions, but you can stick to the original and play it for years.


Follow the tactics of the team

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike multiplayer has a simplicity that is unmatched by other first-person shooters. Valve somehow managed to come up with a fun, high FPS gameplay. The uniqueness of the gameplay lies in team play and masterful level design.

The task of the terrorist team is to blow up, kill or take hostages, while the counter-terrorist group must prevent them. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has remained true to the original version of the game and regularly tops the Steam rankings. There’s a reason for this: the fast-paced, fast-paced, and incredibly competitive gameplay of CS:GO can be both challenging and fun for beginners. You need lightning speed to compete in the big leagues, but you can also find a group of your level for more comfort. In this case, team games will be extremely exciting and interesting.


Charming farmer

Stardew Valley

You may have doubts about a farming sim, but Stardew Valley incorporates RPG elements with a lot of charm and is actually surprisingly fun. Cute cartoon style and relaxing music help to relax. You can do a huge number of things, in addition to improving the farm, growing plants, harvesting, and also taking care of animals. The game has a fishing mode; monsters to be killed; quests to complete for local townspeople; and even the opportunity to find your soul mate. In the online multiplayer version, you can play with your friends in split screen. It is also worth adding that the annual updates constantly increase your gaming experience.

Stardew Valley is a beautiful world that is even better than ours. Here you can get lost for a couple of hours to relieve stress and take a break from everyday hustle and bustle.


pop culture


Upon release , Fortnite was reminiscent of Valve’s infinite Team Fortress 2, but the developers at Epic Games used elements from other popular games, citing Minecraft as a source of inspiration. A little later , PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds popularized the battle royale genre, where 100 players fight to the death on an island. Epic quickly got their bearings and developed a mode that instantly made Fortnite a go-to product in the marketplace.

Games are usually aimed at a specific audience, but Fortnite is suitable for all ages. The game includes elements of creative and role-playing gameplay with frantic third-person action. Epic used pop culture appropriately in the game: viral dances, musical events, crossovers with film and television franchises such as Star Wars and Stranger Things. Themed seasons keep the game fresh and keep players coming back for more.

Epic Games

Ideal Strategy

Total War: Warhammer II

The Total War series combines a turn-based map with real-time historical battles. The player’s task is to complete the set strategic task. Rome: Total War, which was released back in 2004, became the top of the line in its genre, giving players the opportunity to test their abilities as a general fighting for the unification of Ancient Rome. Since then, the series has covered many historical periods and countries, including ancient China. However, the Warhammer Fantasy version frees Total War from the historical shackles and gives players much more freedom in battles, as well as in choosing factions and units that have a unique design. Owners of the first Total War: Warhammercan play on a huge map – it essentially combines two parts of the game of this epic campaign. The third part, which should see the light of day this year, will further expand the horizons of the players.


Build and upgrade


Affectionately nicknamed "cratorio" by fans, Factorio is more of an obsession than a game. If you decide to go deeper into the process of simulating the control of a factory building, you will constantly see conveyor belts when you close your eyes at night. You will constantly dream of optimizing your production and improving your base.

In the game, you also have to defend the tower from numerous waves of alien bugs. Forget about the typical story of a space crash on an alien planet, you won’t be up to it, because in fact it is about improving a complex automated system. It’s hard to convey how enjoyable this process can be. Countless updates and a wide range of mods have expanded the original game’s capabilities, which will be interesting to spend endless hours.


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