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How to determine the waxing and waning moon for life harmony


The Moon is a natural satellite of the Earth, which cannot but influence the processes taking place on its surface. Our ancestors attached great importance to the location of celestial bodies, and if the combination was not the most successful, they refused to make important decisions and postponed them to another day. How to determine the waxing and waning Moon so that success accompanies you in all your endeavors?

Growing Moon – how to determine and what can be done

There is one simple way to determine the growing moon, known to our grandmothers since childhood and completely forgotten by young people. Everything is just ridiculous.

  • stand so that you can clearly see the sickle of the satellite;
  • lift up a pencil, ruler, or at least a finger to the edges of the sickle. One can imagine this mentally;
  • it turned out to be a kind of letter "P" – the moon is growing. If the letter in mirror image is decreasing.

Please note that if you are in the Southern Hemisphere, everything will be exactly the opposite.

How to determine the waxing and waning moon for life harmony

During this period, it is not worth starting new enterprises, since right now the human energy is greatly weakened. Physical exertion and nervous outbursts should be avoided as much as possible, it is advisable to leave the city. At the same time, this is an auspicious time for a comprehensive cleansing, introspection, start a long-planned diet for weight loss, get rid of bad habits. You will feel most comfortable near the reservoir.

Now more than ever, the body needs extra energy, so a person may experience a growing, inexplicable appetite and even hunger. Do not give in too much to the impulses of your physiology, everything eaten can be deposited in unnecessary fats.

And if you are an avid gardener, then know that it is better to plant any seedlings and seeds when the moon is growing. Then the plants will receive maximum vitality, will germinate, develop and bear fruit faster, and also suffer less from various parasites and diseases.

Waning Moon – what to do in this case

It is believed that since the moon is decreasing, a person loses his reserves of vital energy. On the one hand, this is true. On the other hand, he simply spends more actively what he has already accumulated. Therefore, during this period you can feel an extraordinary surge of strength and vigor. 

How to determine the waxing and waning moon for life harmony

Use them to the maximum to start new business, resolve complex issues. Any wellness and spa treatments will give an excellent result. This is a great chance to successfully spend fasting days.

What else to consider

They say that everything given to the growing moon will return to you a hundredfold. That is, if you cut your hair during this period, they will quickly grow even thicker and more beautiful than they were before. Accordingly, for depilation it is better to choose those days when the moon is waning. The same applies to nails. It is better for children to cut them when the month is waning. Those who want to get a beautiful manicure as soon as possible should wait for the growing month.

For the growing month, it is very good to ferment kaputa and pickle cucumbers. But jams and jams cooked these days can quickly become moldy and spoil.

Waning moon or waxing – it is important to remember that these are just the prerequisites of nature. And the end result of any undertakings always depends on the person himself.