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Do you need to iron bed linen after washing?


In what cases it is necessary to iron bed linen

Weekly ironing of washed clothes and linen is one of the duties of the keeper of the hearth. Every woman at least once ironed a mountain of fresh sheets and duvet covers, and after that she herself looked very wrinkled. Home – husband, children, sometimes do not notice the work of the hostess, so is it worth spending time and effort on this activity? Let’s see – is it necessary to iron bedding after washing? It may be limited to ironing clothes, the designation of folds on the husband’s trousers, for example.

Someone irons bed linen for hygiene reasons – they say after the iron all microbes will definitely die, someone because of an aesthetic impulse – as if it is more beautiful, someone following the generally accepted rules, traditions instilled in the family.

First, you need to iron the bedding on which the children will sleep. This will not be an extra precaution in the conditions in which the child is day in and day out. Kindergarten, school, games in the yard – we don’t know where the child will bring the “infection", and having ironed the bed linen after washing, you will once again secure yourself. Ironing will also be necessary if there are people infected with infectious or skin diseases in the house. Such a patient should have his own set of linen, his washing involves a high temperature regime, maybe even boiling and ironing with steaming.

If you or one of the family members has already been ill and recovered, even with a mild cold, in this case it also does not hurt to iron the bed set, and already healthy to fall asleep in truly “decontaminated” linen.

Do you need to iron bed linen after washing?

In what cases it is not necessary to iron bed linen

If the ironing mode was used when washing your bed linen in the washing machine, then there is no need to additionally iron it. It is enough, having taken it out of the machine, straighten it well and hang it to dry so that there are no wrinkles anywhere. When it is completely dry, you will notice that it does not need ironing at all. It is also recommended to carefully fold the linen, correctly connecting all the corners and sides and smooth it with your hands.

Such bedding will serve you much longer, and will delight you with a fresh smell of cleanliness, and not a light burning, which usually remains after ironing. Also, unironed fabric better absorbs moisture and sweat, which are inevitably released by our body. Undoubted arguments against ironing are also – saving energy and, of course, your time.

Some residents of Europe and America consider bedding – as this reduces its hygroscopicity – the ability of the material to absorb water vapor from their air

It is not recommended to iron terry bed linen – this has a bad effect on its “fluffiness”, makes it hard – fabric fibers are crushed

Do you need to iron bed linen after washing?

Tips for ironing linens

Linen and cotton bedding should only be ironed on the right side, unless the fabric has embroidery.

It is best to iron bedding when it is still slightly damp – it will iron out much faster than completely dry. After ironing – do not fold the linen immediately, but hang it up again for a short period of time – half an hour is enough

Before you start ironing the linen, carefully straighten all the corners and folds, and carefully fold the already ironed areas so that the smooth fabric does not hang down and does not roll, does not wrinkle.

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