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Handwriting character, examples and applications


It is possible to determine the character of a person without even being personally acquainted with him. It is enough to ask him to write a paper letter. The manner of writing can tell a lot about its owner. Graphology is the study and analysis of handwriting.

In order to analyze the character by handwriting, examples of text and signature must be written on clean, unlined A4 paper. A minimum of four sentences is required for analysis.

Read handwriting like a book

Many books have been written on how to determine character by handwriting. Therefore, even a non-professional can get initial information about a person. The main stages of handwriting analysis:

Handwriting character, examples and applications

  1. The size of the letters will tell about sociability. The owners of large handwriting (letter size is more than 3 mm) are sociable natures, they easily find a common language with any person and quickly become the soul of the company. Small (beaded) handwriting betrays restraint, prudence, isolation of a person. Wide handwriting is characteristic of creative and talented people. Lean and rational people write in a narrow handwriting.
  2. Pressure is an indicator of decisiveness. Strong pressure speaks of determination, vigor and confidence. Weak pressure is characteristic of sensitive, indecisive people with a fine mental organization.
  3. The slope of the letters characterizes the emotional state of a person. A slight tilt to the right represents a calm and balanced person. The stronger the tilt to the right, the more a person is subject to extremes in character.
  4. The outlines of the letters can also tell a lot. Round letters are characteristic of kind, sympathetic people who can be relied upon. Angular handwriting characterizes a person as an egoist and individual farmer, independent and having his own opinion.
  5. The direction of the lines when writing tells about the mood. Optimists tend to go up, pessimists go down. In calm, sensible people, the lines are often even and straight.
  6. The fusion of letters speaks of logical abilities. The continuous tie of letters is characteristic of people with logical thinking. If almost all letters are written separately, this is an indicator of incoherent judgments, inconsistency in actions. The middle option, i.e. bundles of 2-3 letters, present in balanced, calm natures.

Knowing the basic parameters of handwriting and their interpretation, even a cursory glance at a sheet of paper with text written by a person’s hand, you can assume what kind of person is in front of you.

Rules for conducting graphological analysis

In order to find out the character of a person by handwriting, not every fragment of his letter will do. For example, you should not examine postcards, because when writing congratulations, a person tries to write more accurately and beautifully.

Handwriting character, examples and applications

Ideally, you need at least two sheets of handwritten text. According to graphologists, a person does not write as naturally on the first sheet as on the rest. For analysis, you must ask the person to write something. The best option would not be a text written from dictation, but a story about yourself or an essay on a free topic.

Areas of application of graphology

The science of graphology has been studying handwriting and character since ancient times, but the scientific community has not yet recognized it and is considered pseudoscience, although handwriting studies are used in various fields. In psychology and medicine, the analysis of the patient’s writing style can be an auxiliary element in the diagnosis of diseases of the brain and nervous system, and the dynamics of its changes can tell about the course of treatment.

Thanks to detective series, many people know about handwriting examination, which allows you to identify the criminal or make his psychological portrait.

Currently, graphological analysis can be carried out when applying for a job or during an interview. The personnel services of an enterprise or organization do this in order to identify in a potential employee the character traits that are necessary for any position or, conversely, may interfere with work.

Each person’s handwriting is almost as unique and individual as a fingerprint. Therefore, he can tell more about a person than appearance, demeanor and speech. Studying the features of the writing style of a person helps to better know and understand him.

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