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How to add a link to an Instagram story?


A social network with the ability to post your own content in the form of photos and photos very quickly gained immense popularity. Instagram at the moment can be easily equated with such mastodons of virtual platforms as Facebook, Twitter and VKontakte. However, the social network that has rapidly gained popularity has not yet shown all its capabilities, which can again be from the fact of adding new functions. In May 2017, the developers finally provided an answer to the question "how to make a link in the Instagram story."

The meaning of links in stories

As with all virtual communities, you can run ads through Instagram. For such purposes, people create special pages that should serve to promote their services. It does not matter what product it may be, the main thing is that its promotion does not contradict the rules of the network. At the moment there are several different types of accounts:

  • private;
  • score;
  • public.

Each of the presented ones has its own specific features, however, in this article we will not raise the question: “How to create an Instagram account for business?", Therefore, it makes no sense to move on to the capabilities of each group.
The most important thing is that they all got a new feature. Adding a link to Instagram Stories is a great bonus for everyone interested. With this, each page can increase the influx of subscribers, and therefore the income of their enterprise.

How to add a link to the site in Stories?

The creation process is divided into several simple steps, each of which will be carefully considered. How to add a link to Instagram Stories is a very easy question and it only takes a couple of minutes to solve it.

Watch the video on how to add a link to Instagram Stories.

The first step is content creation. First you need to create a new story. It does not matter whether it is a photo or a video, because of this, the creative possibilities of advertising increase significantly.

Then, when the content is ready, a new function for attaching a link will be available in the editing window for it. To go, you need to click on the picture with the chains, you can find it at the top of the screen.

The last item is the address. How to add a link to the site in Stories is the main part of this stage. When a new menu appears, users must specify the URL of the page that subscribers will go to.
Also, it is important to add an interesting inviting description so that no one can miss the transition opportunity. It all depends on the person who owns the page.

Unfortunately, at the moment, Instagram Analytics does not track link clicks in any way. In this regard, many users use abbreviations when specifying URLs, UTM. This trick allows you to independently track the number of clicks.

How to add a link to an Instagram story?

After all these actions on the screen for editing stories, the “chains” icon will be highlighted. After that, you can add various stickers, stickers and filters that will help draw as much attention as possible to the new story.

Viewers must swipe up from the bottom of the device screen to follow an ad to a specified site. The small inscription "See More" is not always visible, so you need to take care of the information indicating the possibility of a transition in advance.

Features of use and strategies

The question “How to add a link to Stories” has already been answered, so it’s time to move on to mastering the presentation tactics. So far, the creators of Instagram have added this feature only for users who have business profiles. This status can be obtained by pages with at least 10 thousand subscribers. Users who have deleted their profile will not be able to use the feature, but the article "How to recover a deleted Instagram?" can help speed up the process.

There are few strategies for using links. Each user uses his own tricks to attract subscribers, but do not forget that an excessive number of inserts will negatively affect promotion. Analysts are encouraged to alternate regular stories with ads. With this tactic, links won’t get annoying. The viewer should not constantly stumble upon them, otherwise the page will be unsubscribed.

Another strategy is to place only a few promotional stories in a group of regular ones. Marketers welcome this approach.

How to add a link to an Instagram story?

You should not change the already established style of Stories, this can not only scare off subscribers, but also let them know that this is a paid promotion created by a non-managing channel. It is important to correctly distribute information on frames in order to obtain greater effectiveness. Each new slide should lure viewers to the right address.

Is manipulating links in Stories justified?

Adding a new link feature to Stories has brought a lot of new things from an economic point of view. People with business accounts were able to get additional advertising, which not only promotes the desired resource, but also allows you to track the number of visits. All this gives unlimited opportunities for the promotion of various third-party sites, groups, channels and even virtual stores. Some create additional pages to increase viewers more, for this you can read the article “How to create a second Instagram account?”.

The fight to attract followers to your pages has flared up with renewed vigor, and all thanks to a feature that does not take much time to master and add to Stories. Monetization on Instagram already has a huge scale, and with the advent of new opportunities, the entire percentage component will increase several times.

Perhaps in the future, the creators of Instagram will add this feature to profiles and ordinary users, but so far this does not bode well. Yes, and there is no point in such an innovation – ordinary users do not have a large audience, and well-known brands will not agree to place their ads on unknown sites. However, the 10,000 subscriber threshold may be slightly lowered so that more well-established organizations can attract viewers to themselves.

Most likely, the creators will not stop there and will add many interesting features to their project. It remains only to follow what is happening on the social network.

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