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How to clean a laptop from dust yourself – tips and instructions


Many, especially not very experienced users, are afraid of everything that is connected even with minor repairs of computer equipment. And therefore, at the slightest malfunction and questions, they rush headlong to the repair and service departments. If the time has come for a general cleaning of your computer, and you have no idea how to clean the laptop from dust yourself – do not despair, the following tips will help.

Why is it needed

You can, of course, ignore the terrifying sounds that your seemingly not yet old and quite serviceable laptop makes. But the temperature should not be ignored. Since overheating is a direct and very fast road to serious breakdowns.

How to clean a laptop from dust yourself - tips and instructions

Any computer is equipped with a cooling system. Usually these are coolers – that is, such small propellers, which, in addition to cooling the device, also have the ability to suck and accumulate dust. It will not go anywhere from the insides of the laptop, and will inevitably accumulate on heatsinks and the processor. As a result, the processor covered with dust will look like a furry boot and will stop cooling altogether. And this inevitably leads to its failure.

What is a processor replacement is clear to everyone. Therefore, if the life of your laptop is dear to you, do not forget to remove the dirt that has accumulated inside it in time. This should be done about once every six months. More often than not, but less often too.

How to clean a laptop from dust yourself – step by step recommendations

So, it’s time to clean up the laptop. Where to begin?

  1. First you need to turn the device upside down and look at the cover covering the cooler. In order to remove it, you need a screwdriver with the appropriate head. Carefully unscrew all the screws (don’t lose them, because the cover will have to be replaced!) and remove the cover.
  2. Then inspect the radiator itself. If the laptop is old and has not been cleaned for a long time, you can blow rubbish out of it with a rubber bulb. A particularly clogged cooler must be cleaned with a compressor. If you do not have such a device, you should purchase a can of compressed air, it will also work.

How to clean a laptop from dust yourself - tips and instructions

In total, cleaning a laptop at home will cost you about half an hour of free time and five hundred rubles for a rubber bulb, a screwdriver and, if necessary, a can of compressed air.

How to remove dust without disassembling a laptop

It is not always necessary to completely disassemble the computer to remove dirt and debris. You don’t even need to remove the cover. New laptops, as a rule, have a grill on the side or back, under which the radiators are hidden. If the computer has not been in operation for a very long time, you can simply blow it out.

Just be careful and careful when doing this – a whole cloud of dust can escape from a similar hole on the opposite side. Some quite successfully blow the laptop with a vacuum cleaner or hairdryer, turning on the cold air supply mode. This helps to solve the question of how to clean the laptop from dust without disassembling it. Which method to choose is up to you.

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