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How to download movies to iPad from computer?


How to upload videos to iPad from computer? This question worries many tablet users who have not yet had time to understand this issue. It would seem that the easiest way is to use the iTunes program (its standard tools), but this is not very convenient, since in this case you will either have to look for a video of the exact format that iPad reads (namely MP4), or additionally convert it.

When using standard iTunes tools, there is one more inconvenience – there must be a binding of two media libraries: the iTunes media library and the iPad media library. This means that data synchronization can only occur with a single computer. It seems that the way out is to synchronize videos and music through iTunes manually, but with this option, not everything works out correctly.

Therefore, to download movies to iPad from your computer, we suggest you download OPlayer, AVPlayer or Buzz Player.

Differences between OPlayer, AVPlayer and Buzz Player

What is the difference between these three programs?

Buzz Player supports different video file formats, but when using it, you need to take into account the fact that it starts to slow down at high resolutions. Another disadvantage of Buzz Player is that in some formats (AVI, for example), if you pause the player, then after resuming the sound starts to lag compared to the video. The problem is solved by re-enabling the video. The advantages of Buzz Player include the ability to listen to music, create playlists, download files directly from the Internet, share movies using Wi-Fi and stream video. You can also change the color of the subtitles here.

The AVPlayer player has fewer formats available, namely, audio formats are not subject to it. But playback with its help can be rated as "excellent". There is also a transfer of files using Wi-Fi.

OPlayer also supports many playback formats, however, when setting up subtitles and audio tracks, the player sometimes turns off.


  • Buzz Player: support for many different formats; a large number of functions; settings are flexible. But the player is unstable.
  • OPlayer has: easy to learn; audio support. Minus – again, the instability of the player in the work.
  • AVPlayer has: easy to learn; fewer formats than its two competitors.

There are three ways to download videos to iPad from your computer using the above programs. Let’s talk about the first.

Method one. Upload via USB connection

To do this, you will need to install iTunes. Then connect the tablet to the computer and in iTunes itself go to the device, find the "Programs" tab there. By going into this folder, you will see a list of applications that are installed on the iPad.

Scroll down the page a little bit, there you will find the name "Shared Files", under this heading there are programs that support the exchange between the tablet and the computer. Among the applications, find OPlayer (AVPlayer or Buzz Player) and select the movies on your computer that you want to download to iPad in the usual dialog box.

After you copy the video, you can watch it on your tablet through the program’s interface.

Method two. Upload using Wi-Fi

To do this, the computer and tablet must be on the same Wi-Fi network. In the interface of the program that supports downloading movies without conversion, you need to select the Wi-Fi transfer parameters – HTTP / FTP Server, and on the computer in the address bar of the browser, type the address of your tablet (for example, ). You can find this address in the download program settings.

On the page that opens, you will see the application’s Documents folder with all of its contents. Now, just like in the first method, select the movie and transfer it to the iPad. Enjoy watching!

Method three. Copying with File Manager

This option is only suitable for a device that has an add-on afc2add and jailbreak. Go to the document folder of AVPlayer HD or another program you use using some file manager (DiskAid, iPhoneBrowser, iFunBox or other). You will find the "Documents" folder along the path "/private/var/mobile/Applications/AVPlayer/Documents". Now just copy and paste the files you need from your computer to your tablet. It is especially convenient to use this method if you need to upload several files at once.

Download with iTunes

If you still want to download videos from your computer to iPad in the standard way, using iTunes, then we offer you an algorithm:

  1. Open the Movies section of iTunes.
  2. Open the mp4 video folder on your computer and drag the file you want to the iTunes window.
  3. Go to the "Video" section on the tablet and check the boxes "Sync movies" and "Automatically turn on". Then tick off the subheading "All Movies", "One Last Movie" or whatever you want.
  4. Now click on iTunes "Apply" or "Sync". Next time, the movie sync settings will already be saved, and you can skip the third step.

Happy viewing!