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How to insert a SIM card into an iPhone 4: simple instructions

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A dream came true, and you became the proud owner of an iPhone 4. Having accepted the seller’s congratulations on a successful purchase and wishes “Come visit us again", do not rush to leave the store with a purchase packed in a box. Please note that the iPhone 4 and 5 generations have a different SIM card size. Therefore, if you want to immediately purchase a new SIM card, then contact the seller – he will select the required size for you, or cut the existing one. You can trim a SIM card in a mobile phone shop, or on your own. So, the SIM card is the right size, the question arises: how to insert a SIM card into an iPhone 4?

Again, there is an option to pay extra in the salon, and they will immediately deliver it to you, but do you have the opportunity to constantly contact the salon? Or learn to do it yourself, especially since the procedure itself is simple. Let’s look at the option of how you can insert a SIM card into your phone without contacting specialists.

Insert SIM into iPhone

Take the iPhone in your hands, on the right (and you hold the iPhone with the screen facing you, as expected, and do not try to look at it from behind), there is a small hole on the end, for which a special tool comes with the iPhone – instead, however, you can use ordinary paperclip. Do not use a needle, so as not to damage the latch. Insert a tool or paperclip into the hole and press, but not hard. After pressing, the tray will come out – a nest for our SIM card. We take it out. We carefully insert the SIM card there, not forgetting that the SIM card is placed face up (this is the side on which the telecom operator is indicated) up, and the chip down. Then we insert the tray back into the end of our iPhone. We press and check that it is inserted to the end.

We turn on the iPhone. After a few seconds, the screen should light up and the network search will begin. If the minute wait did not give the desired results, then try to go to the settings, select the "Operator" menu and activate the "Automatic" function. After that, the signal level should appear, and you can make calls.


When buying an iPhone, you can contact the seller who will show you how to insert a SIM card. He will do it quickly and habitually. If you didn’t have time to see all the seller’s manipulations, and you don’t have time to ask for a repeat or it’s inconvenient, then you shouldn’t panic and raise this trifle to the level of a problem. The video will guide you through this issue step by step. Holding an iPhone in your hands and watching the video, you will see that there is no need to waste time going to a mobile phone salon. And you can easily and independently insert a SIM card and use your new acquisition.

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