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How to run a contest on Instagram?


A person who periodically visits Instagram often comes across various contests. So, everyone can hold a contest on Instagram, you just need a desire and a little time, and, of course, gifts.

What you need to know before hosting an Instagram contest?

Conventionally, all the contests that are on Instagram are divided into three types:

The advantages of such ideas include the following points:

  • a great opportunity to gain as many subscribers as possible. Especially if you compete for a good prize;
  • awareness is growing. When other users will constantly come across your photo in their news feed;
  • advertising without large material costs. Well, of course, in the event that you do not play, for example, an apartment in Moscow.

But, you should also not forget about the disadvantages:

  • there is a possibility of a decline in sales. In this case, it can be attributed to services or specific goods;
  • you can run into cheaters. Most want to cheat in order to save money and for this they take part everywhere;

All of the above circumstances must be charmingly taken into account and only then make a decision. And also, we should not forget that thanks to the search for people on Instagram by name, you can even more find your friends and acquaintances and attract them to participate in the contest.

Watch a video on how to run successful Instagram contests.

The brightest examples of contests on Instagram

Today, hundreds of different contests meet every day on Instagram, where a wide variety of gifts are played. As for examples of contests on Instagram, they include:

The best hashtag. Its essence consists of three stages:

How to run a contest on Instagram?

"A gift for a certain action." In this case, in order to receive a prize, you must write a comment, take a photo, repost or tag a friend. For such actions, you can get a surprise. To conduct it, you must publish a photo, and under it describe the conditions of the competition. As conditions, you can choose the following options: mark your best friend in the publication, tell the funniest story. It’s great if you manage to tie the conditions to the gift. For example, if your gift is a theater ticket. You can ask the participants to share their personal impressions of the performance they were last at.

At first glance, it may seem that all this is very simple, but it is far from being the case. Because if there are problems in the organization, then, first of all, subscribers will be disappointed in you. So, most often, success is reduced by bad photos and incorrectly described conditions. We should not forget that the recording of the live broadcast of Instagram helps people explain the conditions of the competition in more detail in real time.

Comment Contests

When it comes to the contest on Instagram with prizes, then, first of all, this is due to the comments. But before you start to carry out such events, you need to consider three important points:

As practice shows, this option is more popular than Instagram repost contests. And also, you should not forget that you cannot do without an Internet connection to enter Direct Instagram .

The prize can be awarded to the winner in two ways:

  • find contacts yourself. You can write to Direct to this person or use the contacts that the person indicated on his page;
  • post a video on your page in which you need to say that the winner will contact you on his own. If for a long time the winner does not appear, you can repeat the draw again.

Winner selection process

The competition should be sure to talk about the time frame. And also, you need to say when the winner will be chosen. To choose a winner in the Instagram contest "tag a friend" you can use the following methods:

  • manually by randomly bumping into any person who took part;
  • search for the lucky one using a random number generator;
  • on pieces of paper, print out all the people who accepted the participant and randomly select the lucky one.

Drawing on Instagram is an interesting opportunity to get a good prize, while not putting in a lot of effort and effort. That is why they have become so popular and in demand.

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