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I want a new alias, or How to change the login on Skype


Some 15 years ago, no one could have imagined that it would be possible not only to make calls using computer programs, but also to transmit moving pictures in real time. Nowadays, no one is surprised by video conversations on Skype.

The popularity of such communication is easy to explain: conversations between Skype subscribers are free, in whatever part of the world the subscribers are. It is enough to have high-speed Internet at hand and a sufficient amount of traffic (unlimited Internet in this case is ideal).

How to start a conversation

I want a new alias, or How to change the login on Skype

So the program is installed on your favorite device, and you can’t wait to start a conversation, but … a harmful piece of iron asks you to register. You can do this in several ways:

  • The first and fastest option is to use a Microsoft or Facebook account;
  • the second is to fill in all required fields (marked with an asterisk). You can also provide additional information if you wish.

When the turn comes to the login, there is a snag – it must be exclusive, and more than half a billion users have already been registered. And now the selection of sets of letters and numbers begins, and stop … at this point it is worth stopping and thinking, since it will not be possible to change the login on Skype in the future.

Changing contact details

If the login is still disliked, you can:

  1. Re-register and transfer contacts from the old account to the new one.
  2. Leave the login alone, but change the name that friends see when they enter Skype and chat.

To do this, go to the program and in the upper left corner click on the line with your name or in the "Skype" tab in "Personal data" click "Edit my data" and click on the name on the page that opens. In the line that appears and enter a new nickname, remembering to click on the checkmark in the right corner to save it.

If the question arises, how to find out your login on Skype, there is only one answer – you must follow the same steps as when changing your nickname.

I want a new alias, or How to change the login on Skype

I don’t want to use Skype anymore

In rare cases, but it happens, the user wants to say goodbye to this interesting video communication feature. And then a logical question arises, but how to delete a Skype login?

You will not be able to delete an account from the system yourself. But you can:

  1. Delete contact details (write arbitrary letters or numbers in the required fields, the system will not save empty lines). This will prevent your entry from being searched for by contact information.
  2. Remove the login from the system directory by contacting the support service. Removal does not occur immediately, up to two weeks. Old contacts will have a login, but they will no longer be able to call it.
  3. Remove login from the drop-down list when logging into Skype. Also, to be sure, before you stop using the login, delete messages on Skype, as if this account had never been active.

The removal procedure is described in detail on the official website of the system.

Security measures when using the system

In order not to think about whether it is possible to change the login on Skype, it is better to immediately use the security settings of the software. You can find them in the "Tools" tab.

You can block a former Skype friend in the same tab.

Happy communication!

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