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Internet Marketing Definition: Its Principles and Basic Concepts


Today, almost all spheres of human life are being transformed and improved. This also applies to marketing activities. Currently, traditional marketing concepts are changing, and some of them are being replaced by new tools for interacting with customers. Thus, new, more popular marketing tools are created.

Internet Marketing Definition

As a result of this transformation, Internet marketing appeared. Wikipedia defines internet marketing as the practice of applying the basic tools of traditional online marketing through new, digital methods.

A huge part of consumers spend quite a lot of time on the Internet, so some companies have reoriented their activities to work in the online space. As a result of the shift in orientation, modern companies have been able to pinpoint who their target audience is and interact with them, while spending minimal funds.

But all formulations can be combined into one. As a result, it turns out that Internet marketing is a set of measures taken on the Internet that are carried out to develop a business.

Internet Marketing Principles

Experienced experts say that making money on the Internet is quite simple, unless, of course, you know the basic principles of Internet marketing.

The main problem of most people who are trying to sell on the Internet is the lack of ideas and the necessary knowledge. Many, out of inexperience, use outdated and useless information that was relevant a few years ago, but now it simply does not work.

To maximize your profits as quickly as possible, you need to know about all the most modern methods of business promotion. Currently, the following marketing techniques work most effectively:

  • Development of a unique position of your business in the Internet environment. You must determine what makes your product or service unique and what advantages it has over other competitors’ products and services. If you analyze the majority of successful sites, you will notice that they are all unique and have no similarities with others. It was this circumstance that allowed them to occupy their niche in the target market.

Internet Marketing Definition: Its Principles and Basic Concepts

  • Don’t lower your set prices if your product isn’t selling. Even if you realize that you have overestimated your product, you can simply add various rewards, bonuses to it, and focus on the unique position of the site.
  • Before you start developing a product, you need to find a market for it that has a lot of people willing to shop, and then develop the product that the "hungry crowd" is looking for.
  • You should not try to create a new market. Successful entrepreneurs very rarely create their own new markets, since it is much more profitable and convenient to work in an existing one. The main key to success is to determine your consumer audience, which is already looking for your product.
  • Practice testing, testing. The same ad for different products can work in completely different ways. To determine the most successful headline for any product, it is necessary to carefully check, test the effectiveness of both headlines and offers, guarantees and methods for obtaining traffic. The most successful salespeople are not always the strongest. The secret lies in their constant testing of their methods.
  • Your ad must be targeted to sales. A small entrepreneur does not have the opportunity to spend huge amounts of money in order to create a brand name on his website. Therefore, it is necessary to test all your banners for profit from each ruble invested.
  • Even free advertising has a cost. In any advertising, money or certain time costs are invested, so you need to analyze how productive it is for you. You need to understand that nothing is free and, perhaps, a program purchased for a lot of money will bring you much more profit than free advertising.

Video about the principles of Internet marketing

Internet Marketing Concepts

Email marketing differs from traditional marketing in a number of ways. Accordingly, with the advent of this new direction of marketing activity, many new definitions and terms associated with it have appeared. Every successful e-business entrepreneur needs to know the basic concepts of internet marketing.

VZ (HF) – a high-frequency query, that is, one that arouses increased interest in the user, is often set in a search engine.

Link Weight – A term that defines how important the linking page is. Page authority depends on the number and authority of the pages that link to you.

Seo – search engine optimization. This concept means optimization for search engines to increase the position of the site in the search engine for given queries.

robots.txt – prohibition of indexing by search robots of commands in the html code.

Internet Marketing Definition: Its Principles and Basic ConceptsCTR (click through rate) – determination of the number of clicks on a certain link or banner as a percentage to the number of actual impressions of such links or banners to users. The number of clicks usually depends on where your link or banner is in the search results.

PPC – translated from English means "pay per click". This term is understood as a system for attracting users to a site. With each visit, the site visitor receives a certain amount to his personal account in this system.

Ban – translated from English means "outlawing, exile." In Internet marketing, this term means that your site can be "banned" by the administrator of the search engine, that is, for example, its indexing may be prohibited.

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