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Novice webmaster


The year 2003 opened up new opportunities for fans of web publishing. This is due to the advent of WordPress – Content Management System (CMS). Open source and free distribution make it available to everyone. The popularity of WordPress is due to the ease of installation and configuration, the ability to publish using third-party programs, support for XHTML, CSS standards, and the presence of extensive libraries of themes and plugins.

The system is suitable for both a professional and a novice webmaster, since the scope of WordPress is very wide: from a business card site to a news portal or a company’s business site. In addition, each user can customize the system to suit their specific needs. For this purpose, WordPress plugins are used.

The plugin is a small utility program designed to extend the functionality of the CMS core. WordPress, like all popular programs, comes with a large number of plugins. It is noteworthy that they are created not only by official developers, but also by amateur users.

All WordPress plugins are usually highly specialized programs. Therefore, each user himself determines the categories and the number of plug-ins that need to be installed in order to achieve the required functionality of the system. During the installation process, plugins are built into the engine, but they are placed in a separate folder, so they do not have to be reinstalled when switching to a fresh version of WordPress.

CMS supports a large number of plugins, but you should not overload the system with them. Always adhere to the important rule that does not recommend installing more plugins than necessary. An excessive number of them will complicate the work, will noticeably slow down the site, which is unlikely to be to the liking of users.

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