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Satellite Internet for giving: features, advantages and disadvantages


Today, many people cannot imagine life without the Internet. In large cities, the network is connected to almost every home, and Wi-Fi and 3G wireless networks have become widespread. Many problems arise in the case when you need to conduct the Internet to a country house or cottage, which are located far from large settlements. Satellite Internet at home is a solution, allowing you to connect to the network to visit various websites and download information. Consider all the features of this technology in detail.

Satellite Internet for giving: features, advantages and disadvantages

Modern technologies: satellite Internet for summer cottages

Despite the ubiquity of cable connections, satellite is becoming more and more popular every year. This is due to the fact that this kind of connection allows you to connect your device to the Internet almost anywhere in the world. Large organizations have long begun to use the connection in question; recently, a significant reduction in the cost of technology and equipment used has made it possible to use the connection method for small organizations and individuals. Satellite Internet for summer cottages is becoming more accessible every year, some providers have been providing this service for several years.

The essence of the technology is to transmit a signal through satellites that are in orbit around the earth. At the same time, the connection speed is very high, a huge number of satellites that are launched by private companies and government departments.

Watch a video about organizing satellite Internet in remote areas.

Why satellite Internet in the country is often more profitable than using 3G / 4G technology or wiring a cable connection. It’s simple:

That is why many decide to connect satellite Internet to the country and thereby solve a lot of problems.

Features of the satellite Internet service

The operation of many devices involves the transmission and reception of information, that is, there must be two-way communication. It should be borne in mind that there is a one-way and two-way type of satellite connection to the Internet. Satellite Internet with two-way satellite is gradually replacing one-way, but still some providers still provide the ability to connect both options.

The two-way connection method completely duplicates the modern cable connection. A rather important point is that the signal is transmitted encoded, which means that the information has an increased dacha.

Satellite Internet for giving: features, advantages and disadvantages

Considering satellite Internet for summer cottages, we note the point that for many years the two-way connection method was expensive due to the complexity of the technologies used and the equipment. Recently, however, the service has been provided at a more affordable price.

Offers on the Russian market

Many are wondering which satellite Internet is better to connect for a private home. After all, the choice in this area is relatively small, only a few providers allow you to connect to the Internet via a satellite connection. The most attractive offer is:

  • AltegroSky is a provider whose coverage area is the entire territory of Russia and a certain part of the CIS. The provider also operates in Europe and the Middle East. According to the results of the study, in 2014 the company opened more than 700 certified partner companies, which, under the brand of the same name, began to provide the opportunity to connect to satellite Internet.
  • CB Iskra is a provider that operates exclusively in Russia and Eastern Europe. At the end of 2014, about 10,000 connection stations were created. The provider, like many others, provides the opportunity to connect the service with the rental or purchase of the newest equipment.
  • Rusat also specializes in connecting customers living in the Russian Federation and Eastern Europe. The company provides services to legal entities and individuals located in hard-to-reach areas where it is difficult to communicate, and wireless communication is not effective enough.
  • STEK.COM connects subscribers in Europe, North Africa, and the Russian Federation. According to some reports, the company has about 1,000 corporate customers. Recently, the company began to provide services not only to legal entities, but also to individuals.

It is difficult to judge the attractiveness of one or another operator, since they provide their services according to various tariff plans. Note that the quality of the connection often depends on the correct installation of the equipment, since the satellite signal is quite susceptible to weather conditions and does not pass through massive obstacles.

Satellite Internet for giving: features, advantages and disadvantages

In conclusion, we note that every year the number of clients of satellite providers is increasing significantly. This is due to the popularity of satellite television, which operates on a similar technology. Some providers provide the opportunity to combine two services into one and thereby significantly save.